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Giuliani Versus Obama

Art270 Wrote: Feb 24, 2015 10:26 AM
Let us imagine for a moment Obama standng on a pile of rubble that was the Twin Towers next to a NYFD rescuer vowing to get the evil doers. Can' get there? Me either.
New word / harfing ; statement bereft of logic or sense, stupify, obfucate, stun with wishful expressions lacking common sense. The White House was again today harfing its position on terrorism.
Should have plagerized the 8th grade term paper. It likely was never published and at least the progressive may have understood it. Long papers with a lot of big words gives them trouble.
Check the basement of the Rose law firm.........
Mike, Get one of those on line Minister Certificates. Hear the "confession" of the victim and proceed with law enforcement as you did before with consent of the victim in question.
How can ANYONE take this ditz seriously.
Because the desperation the Democrats are showing isn’t a policy. It’s an indictment. And yes, they really are that dumb. And yes you are.... ..accusations of mismanagement and corruption; a former official there was indicted last year for his handling of an $11 million grant.. Perry benifit from this grant? No. Kcikbacks? No. Would the office in question still have the authority to investigate in the absences of the abusives drunk in question? Yes. And guess what they'd have the funds to do it, Libs lack logic and critacal thinking skills.
How un-patriotic!
Maybe you'd rather Babba Walters........
Obama bin Lyin our own home grown domesic terrorist.
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