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Obama has wanted a race war for some time.
And there have been scads of cases of blacks setting whites on fire, sometimes just because they're white. One incident was getting some press time until a black man was arrested. Read Doug Gilles' Sunday column for more info.
How about just one?
His name is Elder, not Elders, and it's not that hard to check. You are an obvious racist, just by stating that that it was an "unarmed" black person. There have been many cases where an unarmed person killed another, so that's not a valid qualifier. You wrongly assume (without bothering to read grand jury evidence) that the officer should be thrown in jail, when, in fact, the evidence, including testimony and forensic evidence, shows that the officer was acting in self defense when Brown charged him with his head down. Go back in your parents' basement and read the grand jury evidence.
Some choice! What choice does the unprotected baby have? None! Whatever you believe, one thing is certain, and that is that death is final and lasts for an eternity. That's too much to gamble on.
Of course they don't want to shoot black females, silly tibby! Who would abort black babies?
So people have been brick ignorant, (whatever that means) for thousands of years. And I suppose your self-described liberal genius tells you that life began in a pool of primordial soup, when there was nothing organic for that life to eat. And then it became an insect, or something, and a fish, and a salamander, and an opossum, porcupine, etc, until one glorious day it became an ape which eventually gave birth to a human being who had nothing to mate with. Did you learn that garbage in college? Really? Same-sex marriage is a ridiculous idea, and so is homosexuality. At least you can't reproduce.
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The Rules of War Need Updating

arpiem Wrote: 9 hours ago (6:06 PM)
He was never in a foxhole. A commune, maybe, but not a foxhole.
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Does Anyone Even Understand the President?

arpiem Wrote: 9 hours ago (6:02 PM)
No, they didn't. Cuba's economy was quite good until Castro took over. Now it's one of the worst communist countries on Earth! It imprisons innocents, beats them, and has killed many, especially when tour sadistic hero Che was around.
All I know is that when 9/11 happened, "moderate" Muslims were dancing in the streets in the Middle East.
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