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Veteran’s Discrimination

arpiem Wrote: 9 hours ago (1:47 PM)
I'm a disabled Vietnam vet who still finds it hard to believe that we elected a draft dodger and a moron Muslim, both twice. I should have gone to Canada and let the peanut farmer grant me amnesty.
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Go to Heaven, Bloomberg

arpiem Wrote: 9 hours ago (1:41 PM)
If he wanted to combat obesity, he would have outlawed high fructose corn syrup, which has been linked to both obesity and type II diabetes.
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Privacy, Please

arpiem Wrote: 9 hours ago (1:36 PM)
Those black boxes on cars have been discussed as a way to charge us for every mile we drive. Give us back our country!
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Obama's Keystone Pipeline Trap

arpiem Wrote: 9 hours ago (1:30 PM)
Environmentalists won't be happy until all open space is covered by windmills and solar panels, neither of which is a viable source of substantial energy. Windmills use rare earth metals, available mostly from China, and they require constant maintenance. They also kill birds, but these idiots sacrifice birds for so-called renewable energy. Here in NJ, a coal-powered plant wanted to convert to natural gas by running a pipeline mostly beneath highway shoulders. The Pinelands Commission shot it down and wants the utility to close the plant and put in windmills and solar panels, which would produce minuscule amounts of energy.
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Chelsea Clinton's Baby, Politicized

arpiem Wrote: 9 hours ago (1:09 PM)
And look at king obama.
If you read the article you would see that Dr. Carson advocates citizens possessing assault rifles, meaning automatic weapons.
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Wage Discrimination

arpiem Wrote: 9 hours ago (12:57 PM)
Obviously, you've never experienced women who take maternity leave, and call in when a child is sick. There are reasons some women earn less than men.
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NBC's Cognitive Dissonant Hack Syndrome

arpiem Wrote: 10 hours ago (12:47 PM)
It won't affect cable channels; only broadcast channels. Viewers will not be able to watch CNN, Fox News, etc.
Just because people in some countries are oppressed is no reason to dump them on us. In fact, since the moron got elected, we Americans feel somewhat oppressed as well.
I disagree. I think Ike was a great president.
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