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7 Reasons Obama’s Amnesty For Under 30 Illegals Is Terrible Policy

arpiem Wrote: Jun 22, 2012 4:09 PM
The thing I don't understand is how they get into schools and the military. Do we really have illegal immigrants in the military? I remember what I had to go through to get into school and to get in the Navy, so I just don't get this train of thought. I also remember when my daughters started school we had to show their birth certificates, etc. Other countries, including Mexico, are not so lenient with illegals.

1) It's illegal: Since there are currently no work permits for illegal aliens, handing them out would require a change in the existing law. If this were a dictatorship like North Korea or Cuba, Dear Leader Barack Obama could simply issue a decree and change the law. Here in America we're a republic which means that he unquestionably, uncontroversially cannot issue work permits for illegal aliens without a bill passing through Congress. His attempt to do so may seem like a small matter to some people, but it sets an extremely dangerous precedent that undermines democracy in our country.