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Okay, let's put away the arguments, all of them and solve the problem once and for all. A new federal agency that keeps statistics on everything will set up a new community of, well we could start with perhaps a thousand people, or better yet, to insure the community is well represented of all racial, ethnic and gender groups, a hundred thousand folks equally represented, each with the equal living quarters in very similar neighborhoods, using the same kind of vehicle, each earning the same amount in the same amount of time and see how it goes over a period of time. Oh, I just remembered that the liberals are working on this already.
Never ever let a good crisis go to waste. Milk it. Milk it. Milk it until the teat produces no more, or until another crisis replaces the current one.
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Obama fails History 101

Arnold42 Wrote: 23 hours ago (11:35 AM)
Yes, his knowledge is a "poor substitute" for someone holding the position of president. We the people are lying in bed at night and when we wake up in the morning wondering where his presidency will lead the country, and the world. We're concerned, we're scared as to what's in store for America after he retires, when the only ones he can get to play golf with will be his immediate lap dogs. And we're horrified that we the people were fooled twice, wondering how, why and what were we thinking, and could this thinking continue electing another idiot.
Americas has had its 200 years. Democracy works until the people discover they can vote themselves favors. Our founders knew that so they set America up as a Constitutional Republic, which was voted as passe, as no longer relevant in a progressive changing global world. I've been blessed by being born before the great war broke out, when our teen-agers willingly lined up to serve their considered duty to fight and possibly give their lives for the sake of this God fearing, hard working morally minded country. Young people, it's up to you now.
Nowadays, those quotes from Jefferson are considered beyond our capabilities to comprehend the original intentional meaning.
This "dumbing down" began decades ago when schools became public. Jefferson and the founders were all educated by tutors. Just imagine that, a one on one system where the tutor just steered the child to the best books. Did the tutor have tests every so often that had to be turned over to the Tutor Society? Get your child out of school and tutor him/her at home. Also, take all of the electronics away.
We'll first have to find that button that reads: "Press 1 for English".
Yep, turn off the TV, especially the news from any organization, and it wouldn't be such a bad idea either to just quit the entertainment world too. We've got enough to do just keeping up with our own business of being hard working responsible,morally minded people. At first I was going to write the word citizen instead of people, but we don't have that proud feeling of being American anymore. Shame. Shame. Shame. Who do we blame?
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Forgetting the Meaning of Freedom

Arnold42 Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 7:33 AM
Believing in the evolution of every species, of life itself takes a faith in the unknown, and that my friend is the basis of religion; believing that a Creator started it all.
Well, when we the people turn off the TV broadcast media news, the ratings will fall and advertisers will leave, and then perhaps after struggling for a few years they just might learn to be unbiased journalists again, the watchdog of America. And when we the people gather enough wits about us, we'll elect honest, honorable, people of rigid character sending the career seekers home.
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