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Isn't this "parody" several levels above Sarah Palin putting gun sights on a political map? Where's the fau outrage from the liberal progressive democrat opoeratives?
Geez, that's uncomfortable to realize what we've done.
Honestly, I never liked cute little Katie.
STATISTICS are interesting things and sometimes like you point out are depressing as hell.
Washington just doesn't get it. Bureaucrats don't get it. Calorie counters don't get it. Fat people get it and THEY DON"T CARE! Counting calories has NOTHING to do with there being FAT people . . . . HOW MUCH FOOD THEY DEVOUR is what makes them fat.
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Correcting a Massive Typo by USA Today

ARNOLD19 Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 10:00 AM
I just LOVE IT when congress is stalemated! That means that we don't lose any more of our Liberty and Freedoms. But I'm NOT going to give conservatives any credit for the stalemate, they'd be sure to call their "strategy" a success. Repeal of many laws is a necessity on a recurring schedule. Many laws are outdated and unnecessary. Laws are written purposely vague and "cross-referenced" to make them almost impossible to understand and are unreadable by anybody except congressional staffers. I dare anyone to read the thousands of pages of OBAMACARE LAW and tell me everything that's in it. We DO NEED some more laws though: 1) TERM LIMITS on SENATORS and HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES 2) A law which makes ALL laws applicable to ALL legislators.
There has GOT TO BE a new paradigm within which We the People can remove politicians from office as soon as their stripes begin to change. What IS it? How do we bring pressure to bear on our elected officials? Which communication device can be used to unite the electorate against it's own representatives when they fail to operate as advertised in their campaign promises? I'm searching, I'm looking, I'm hoping.
If we had TERM LIMITS those political SOBs would be automatically terminated over time.
"conservatives that don’t understand what’s happening. Conservatives believe in capitalism and so they can get rich off the backs of the workers. " and the rest of your confused incomplete missive needs more research and thought. Consider this red check marks in the margin of your homework.
Do you think some of the LAX to LAS train money just might make it into the Obama democrat machine campaign chest? Just like Solyndra, TARP, and STIMULUS will.
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