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If they don't, they should, because dollar for dollar, the current occupants of the WH have taken more lavish vacations than the Bushes, all on the taxpayers' dime.
That's the Japanese, not the Chinese, but I get your point. Unfortunately, honor is not among the traits of this administration, more the opposite and they're even proud of it.
Does it matter what answers to these questions unfolding events will bring? The MSM will make sure all the answers are positive, whether or not they are in any way derivative of the truth.
Neither would I. Nor do I think Hugh Hewitt's purpose for this article is to persuade anyone that their vote isn't needed but rather that it's of utmost importance to cast their vote to ensure that this reign of spectacular failure be ended in no uncertain terms.
Who even watches this man at all? I guess this confirms that all leftists are delusional narcissists -- they're amount to NOTHING in my book.
Excuse me, not this woman; I have NEVER been impressed by that skinny-a**ed liar.
This arrogant jerk totally deserved it. This should be an abject lesson for all delusional liberals like him. People who live in the real world (like his employers) know who the real haters are and deal with them the way poison should be dealt with: flushed out immediately.
Juan Williams USED TO BE a journalist; now he's just a propagandist for Obama.
Aren't most Democrats?
Who says anything about prosecution? The case would have been a slam-dunk but DOJ dismissed it, but that doesn't make it false. There's videotape of the intimidation and just because you say it's false does not make it so.
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