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Will American Exceptionalism Be Destroyed by the Entitlement Society?

Arley2 Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 2:12 PM
Well, if Romney gets elected and if he wants to increase spending let's hammer him. If the federal govenment limited spending GROWTH to only 1% our budget would balance in a matter of a few years. I think we have a better chance of the GOP being fiscally responsible, but they haven't done so well in the last number of year either when in power.

I wrote a celebratory post last November about the dramatic difference between Americans and Europeans. There truly is American exceptionalism in that Europeans are much more likely to think it is government’s responsibility to provide the basics of life.

Another poll in 2010 showed Americans, by a 20-percentage point margin, want smaller government and lower taxes. A 2011 poll revealed negative views, by an almost 2-1 margin, of the federal government. And it’s not scientific, or even a poll, but I also enjoyed this Mark...