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Romney Doing the Job the Republican Establishment Won't Do

Arley2 Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 11:08 AM
contin. I mean what sense is there in having Ted Kennedy, John Murtha, Robert Byrd, Orin Hatch in the senate for their ENTIRE LIVES. These guys get "co-opted" , their values get distorted and they forget that they're in Congress to do what's good for the country. Which is why I refer to them as "Twits" and "Duly Elected Inside the Beltway Dolts." Psychologically, I'd say half (at least.....especially the lawyers) are sociopaths for whom lying, cheating, = anything but the truth, tends to be the mode of operation. The major deterrent for sociopathic behavior is the issue of whether or not he or she (mostly hes) will get caught.
The actual Republican Establishment –- political consultants, The Wall Street Journal, corporate America, former Bush advisers and television pundits -- are exhorting Mitt Romney to flip-flop on his very non-Establishment position on illegal immigration.

Both as governor of Massachusetts and as a presidential candidate, Romney has supported a fence on the border, E-Verify to ensure that employees are legal and allowing state police to arrest illegal aliens. He is the rare Republican who recognizes that in-state tuition, driver's licenses and amnesty are magnets for more illegal immigration.

These positions are totally at odds with Establishment Republicans who pander to...