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Four Reasons to Vote Romney, if You are a Liberal

Arley2 Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 11:49 AM
Dear Miss Bessotto, If you're a Liberal, which you seem to be, you are possessed of a so called "mind" that can never be changed........period. As a Liberal you believe in and favor fantasy over reality EVERY TIME ABOUT ANYTHING. As a Liberal you detest facts, experience, evidence, history, economic history, and third grade math. So, yeah, we wouldn't expect YOU to change your mind.
bessotto Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 11:16 PM
But I'm not from the side saying the polls are "skewed", I'm not from the party saying that the BLS plays with the unemployment numbers. I'm not from the side that thinks there's a war on Christmas because retail workers say "happy holidays"

Reality may suck sometimes but sticking my head in the ground won't change it. We see the world from different places and different viewpoints. If you want to attack me fine, but I like proof, I like logic. I asked on another thread why I should vote for Romney and all I get is he's not Obama. Again, about half the people in the USA like Obama. If all you have is your hate why do you expect them to change their minds?

The other day I got an email from a friend I had known in school. He works with people who have a wasting disease and he wanted to know why he should vote for Romney. I omit his name and other details because he asked that I keep his correspondence private.

He probably had some funny idea that I'd make fun of him on Sunday.  

The following is my non-humorous reply:   

This is my second decade working in politics. I can tell you that you...

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