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Feminists: Leave My Boys Alone

Arley2 Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 2:11 PM
Thanks to The Lord, males and females are different in many respects.........and that's the way it should be. * Men evolved to be protectors and providers. I sometimes think of men as "killers" by nature (Not murderers, although most murderers ARE men).. For a few million years their main job description had to do with hunting and killing game to supply family and tribe with food, and also protect family and tribe against other humans which sometimes required killing. * These days the job description isn't so much about ACTUAL killing as about competing, striving, working to provide for family.............and competing sometimes (but not always) benefits from a "killer instinct" emotional stance and powerful desire to win. * Prote

This past week an episode of Sesame Street set off a firestorm of debate over whether a boy muppet named Telly should be ashamed that his muppet friends caught him playing with dolls.

In one corner "traditionalists" who called out the episode as gender and sex confused. In the other "modern feminists" who were offended by almost everything the traditionalists said and believe.

In light of these op-eds and arguments I decided to do a bit of personal surveying for myself.

I popped the question to my bride and her best friend as the two couples were headed to...