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Nuns Thrown Under the Bus

Arizona Gunslinger Wrote: Jul 26, 2013 12:54 PM
All right then, based on your argument I will say if you don't like the cross at the military cemetery then don't look at it.
When a doctor botches an operation from incompetence and or neglect causing pain, suffering and possible death to the patient, the doctor is sued for malpractice. When a lawyer botches a case from incompetence and neglect causing their innocent client to be found guilty the lawyer is sued for malpractice. When a journalist changes a story to fit their narrative with misleading statements and or outright lies and this leads to riots where property is destroyed and people are hurt or killed, what happens? At best they are forced to print a small retraction but they are very seldom held accountable. When a prosecutor is caught altering evidence to win a case, that prosecutor is fired, disbarred and most likely prosecuted themselves. When a national news station alters and edits a 9-1-1 tape to make the person on the tape to sound like a racist, what happens? They fire a couple of low level employee’s, apologize then expect us to just move on. The MSM can say whatever they want without any fear of repercussions. At the same time they try to destroy people who Juan Williams referred to as “Not a real journalist” such as Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin etc. Not because what these non-journalist say leads to riots, destruction of property and people getting hurt or killed. It is because the MSM feels what these non-journalist say are offensive. The MSM has a great responsibility of providing us with information and news. Instead they have become the promoters of propaganda and or the twister of stories to promote and support the political side that they obviously support. If we do not start holding them accountable, they will never stop.
I agree with what you say. I also believe that the MSM racially profiled George Zimmerman based on his last name. I picture an old hippie reporter saying “Hay, do you know that Bob Dylan’s real name is Robert Zimmerman and Dylan is white so this George guy has gotta be white to”.
The further back you can look, the further ahead you will be able to see….Winston Churchill Abraham Lincoln saw a possible future if the South became successful in seceding from the Union. He saw that after this happened that southern states would then secede from the Confederacy. He figured that the first state to leave the Confederacy would be Texas as they were itching to become a lone republic again. So instead of one country called the United States of America there would be several countries much like Europe. Then he saw generations of wars between these countries fighting for the remaining territories and that the dead from these wars would dwarf the dead from the Civil War. He saw this possibility from history, not the history of the United States but the history of Europe. So the question is was this distinct possibility worth temporary suspending habeas corpus and do whatever it took to preserve the union and keep this one county? You compare Lincoln with Obama because you claim that both ignored the Constitution. The difference is that Lincoln did not wish for us to become like Europe while Obama very much does. And by the way, the beginning of this country turning from a Republic to an Empire did not start under Lincoln, it started under Woodrow Wilson and the Progressives who believed that the Constitution was outdated and needed to be replaced. Wilson also believed that someone having absolute power was okay as long as that person had a certain level of intelligence such as someone with a PhD.
Those who use the past to condemn the present will doom the future….Winston Churchill. You are so blind with hate and ignorance of this country that you apparently can only see its past mistakes while ignoring its many accomplishments. You are so full of hate that you cannot see that civilization advanced 1000 times more in the past 237 years under freedom and the free market then the prior 5000 years under kings and dictators. So go ahead and hate the United States because thanks to the Founders (Who you probably also hate) that is your right.
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The Amnesty Mob vs. America

Arizona Gunslinger Wrote: Jun 19, 2013 11:24 AM
The left doesn’t like the term “Illegal Immigrants”. I propose we replace it with “International Trespassers”. This new term has nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with breaking the law. When someone trespasses on your land, you don’t care how light or dark their skin is, you just want them off your property. And for all of those who are okay with International Trespassers I say give me your address and I’ll send these people your way and tell them that it is okay for them to take your stuff.
For a party that claims to be so anti-bully they seem to be the very definition of the word “Bully”.
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Hillary's Benghazi Scapegoat

Arizona Gunslinger Wrote: May 21, 2013 12:08 PM
It is more like she was tied up and kept in a locked room by a mid-level employee. After all she is still going to need Obama's endorsement in 2016. Also, I accidentally flagged you. I did not meant to do that. Sorry.
When protests come from the left, it is patriotic and protected by the 1st Amendment. When protests come from the right it is hate speech and the 1st Amendment be damned. If this is the idea of tolerance from these brown shirt, goose stepping, hypercritical un-magnificent 7 then not only can they keep it but the can stuff it where the sun does not shine.
The MSM no longer reports the news but they instead regurgitate the propaganda and talking points from the left. I would love to ask any of the talking heads at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC one question and that would be “What is the difference between journalism and propaganda?”
First of all, Chris Christie to me has become a letdown and a major disappointment. However, before we discovered that he was a RINO, we have heard many times from the left make vile and crude references concerning his weight along with many fat jokes. Many of those on the right pointed out how immature and hateful that was. Now that we have discovered that he is a RINO, many of us are doing the exact same thing. Come on people. We are better than that. Enough with the fat jokes ok.
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