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Resurrecting Supernaturalism

Arizona Gunslinger Wrote: Feb 11, 2015 1:08 PM
The following is a joke that I heard from my Priest: A scientist shouted to the heavens that man no longer needed God. That through science, man has learned how God made everything and that he himself can create a man in the same fashion that God did. God became curious, appeared before the scientist and said “Go ahead. Show me”. The scientist bent down to scoop up a handful of dirt when God said “Stop right there!” The scientist looked at God as he was confused. God looked back at the scientist and simply said “Make your own dirt”.
Back when I was in my 20’s, I was at an ATM machine waiting for an elderly woman to finish. When she was done I went up to the machine to discover that not only did she leave her card in the machine, it was still active. I could have withdrawn the max amount, left the card in the machine and walked away a litter richer. Instead I hit the cancel button, grabbed the card and ran after her calling her at the same time. When she turned around, I noticed 2 things. The first thing was that she clutched her purse. The second thing was the fear on her face like she expected me to mug her right there. I explained that she left her card in the ATM and handed it out to her. Without so much as a thank you, she grabbed the card and scurried away from me as quickly as she could. The reason I am telling this story is to stay that her fear was not based in skin color. She was white but so am I. Her fear was based on the fact that she was an old women and I was a young man that she did not know me and did not know what my intentions were. For all she knew, the card could have been a ruse to get her to relax and trust me so I could mug her. I’m sure that when she was safe and realized that the card was hers and that she did leave it in the ATM that she may have felt a little bad on how she treated. But the bottom line is that you will not get to reach the age she was by blindly trusting people that you do not know. To Michelle Obama I just want to say get over your damned victimhood self. You are the First Lady of the United States. You are in the position to help bring people closer and instead you choose to further divide us and for what. So you can look like more then what you are? Do you think you can elevate yourself by demonizing a woman for having the audacity to ask you for assistance? You and your husband claim to be Christians so as a Christian allow me to let you in on something. You do not help someone for the glory and attention. You do not help a person so you can later on lift yourself up by tearing the person you helped down. You help them because you can and it is the right thing to do. Do you understand? I somehow doubt it.
In the late 1800’s, Texas was hit with a major drought effecting several counties. It was considered to be so bad that both houses of Congress passed a relieve bill to assist the people effected. It was vetoed by President Grover Cleveland, a Democrat. The reason he vetoed the bill was that though it was the government’s responsibility to protect it citizens it did not include providing relief. He instead encouraged the citizens to donate to charities that were set up to help the people of Texas. The charities ended up getting 3 times more then what allotted in the bill and the people ended up with better relief then what the government could have provided. This is why in my opinion that Cleveland was the last decent Democrat President. Though he was no angel, he understood the place of government and he understood that charities, not government was the best source to provide relief and assistance to those who are unable to provide that for themselves.
Ronald Reagan proclaimed that he did not leave the Democratic Party but rather the party left him. I proclaim to all of you that I left the Democratic Party. And one of the reasons that I left was because it is filled with people such as DWS who thinks they have the right to say any hateful, offensive, insulting thing that they want then turn around and label a phrase such as “Have a blessed day” to be hate speech. In my opinion these people are no different than the National Socialist Party of Germany in the 1930’s, also known as the Nazi’s.
So you are saying that you would rather a woman cower in a closet while her house is being broken into and that you would rather a women be brutalized, raped and murdered then to have a gun that might give her the edge or the possibility to survive. I would like to remind you that one does not purchase a fire extinguisher because they hope for a fire but in case there is a fire if gives you the chance to put it out. People such as you love to talk about absolutes. If it doesn’t work absolutely then it is not worth consideration. While I’m here to tell you that the ONLY absolute in life is death and everything else are based on what works best and what gives you the best odds of succeeding. Oh, and just one more question for you. Just how incredibly stupid are you?
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Defining Life

Arizona Gunslinger Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 9:38 AM
So are you saying that it is okay to kill a new born baby because that baby is not self aware?
If a mother is struggling to care for her 4 kids does that give her the right to trespass and live in your home? And how would you fill if the Federal Government would tell you that because they successfully entered your home that not only can they stay but you now have to take care of them?
The Democrat men who claim this so called war on women is real are not only chauvinistic pigs but are also sexual predators. They tell women to not try and bring men up to their level but to come down to the man’s level, AKA them, saying it’s more fun down there and to trust them. They tell women that dating the same man over and over before going to the next level of a relationship is old fashioned and lame and that being a real women means bouncing from bed to bed and hooking up with total strangers, AKA them. They want women on birth control but will make sure that anybody but them pays for it and if a woman does get pregnant they tell women that getting an abortion will show that they are empowered and in control of their bodies when the truth is that would rather murder their child in the women’s womb then pay 18 years of child support. And the Democrat women who back this up are nothing but paid shills who have sold their souls for money, fame and power.
The following are the percentages of abortions by race. White Women: 17-21% Latino Women: 27-31% Black Women: 37-41% It seems to me that Liberal Progressives love the minority people so much that they want to make damn sure they stay minorities.
I have to disagree with your disagreement. Mr. Adams is not talking about lack of intelligence from the left but rather their lack of facts and or proof. They have no facts so they make things up and outright lie to make their point. When they are called out on these lies with actual facts, they have no facts to counter with and thus proclaim your counter augment to be hate speech to shut you up.
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