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A person who is Pro-Abortion tends to see a pre-born baby as a non-person, much like a slave owner saw their slaves. Today, we condemn those who once owned slave. It makes me wonder how folks will see Pro-Abortion people 150 years from now.
“If my daughter makes a mistake, she shouldn’t be punished with a baby.” Barack Obama Well Mr. Obama, putting on the wrong colored socks is a mistake. Going into the wrong door is a mistake. Intercourse is not a mistake. It is a choice. And babies are not punishment; it is a consequence of that choice.
Believing you will collect more revenue by raising taxes is a Democrats habit.
Don't worry folks, Obama has all the answers. Just keep paying more money for less heath coverage. Trust him. He is way smarter then you and knows what is best for you.
I can only see 2 possibilities of this. They are either lying about not knowing how many people enrolled or the web site is such a mess it is incapable of keeping track of how many people enrolled. If the first is true that tells me that they cannot be trusted and if the second is true that tells me that they are incompetent.
I would like to give 2 points to your statement: 1. Marie Antoinette allegedly made the comment “Let them eat cake” when she learned that peasant’s complained that there was not enough bread to go around. Cake was not bread. Bread was break. Cake was a substandard form of bread that barely kept a person alive. 2. Marie Antoinette never said “Let them eat cake”. It was a lie that was spread to the peasant’s to inflame them to revolt.
And the Women’s Suffrage movement was heavily opposed by Woodrow Wilson who in case you didn't know was a Progressive Democrat.
Then show me where Bill Clinton did the same thing when the government shut down back in 96. You can't because he didn't. I'm no fan of Clinton but even he wasn't this heartless.
Why do you hate and think so lowly of women that you would deny them the same safety regulations in an abortion clinic that you would have at a dentist? I mean isn’t having an abortion no different than having a tooth pulled and thus be subject to the same health, safety regulations and inspections?
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Nuns Thrown Under the Bus

Arizona Gunslinger Wrote: Jul 26, 2013 1:03 PM
I love how people who support this trash do so with “If you don’t like it then don’t watch it” but will scoff at my reply of “If you don’t like the Cross or Star of David at the war memorial or military cemetery then don’t look at it”.
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