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A lot of this comes from the colleges and universities where teachers are being trained.
The only answer I ever found was to document in detail, every thing you do.
In the school where I taught they had a similar plan. Students should not make below a C. If they do, the teacher has failed. Then they load behavior problems, students with learning difficulties, and students who refuse to do any work into certain classes and put the higher functioning and academically gifted students in one or two classes. Then they proceed to blame the teacher with the inferior class if the kids make below a C.
Teachers who fail in the classroom are promoted to principal. Principals who fail are promoted to the county or state level. Every teacher knows this.
What about if he get a car, a knife, a hammer, a stick or log. Are there laws in California against those too, or do you have to hope he doesn't think to use one of those. Everyone knows we are totally protected if there are no guns allowed. Like in Washington DC Naval Station or the person with the car last week.
Wow! All the traitors on one site. Now I can boycott them all without having to look them up before see them or buy their music.
Well, I guess SJL just did away with the excuse that this woman was suffering from postpartum depression. I guess she was perfectly sane and out to kill because she couldn't get her way. :)
Had I know this about Bill Nye a few years ago, I would never shown one of his science videos to my kids. He is a total fraud.
And all the ports on the Gulf cost such as Charleston, Savannah, and Jacksonville.
First black president, so what. Affordable Care Act threatens to bankrupt the country. Twenty two Democrats formerly supporting it have changed their minds, Health care quality is going down and costs are going up. Lower quality for all of us. We have become the laughing stock of the world for our withdrawal from lands we held at the costs of lives, and many people died as a result of our withdrawal. Doubt has been expressed over and over about how devoted he is and questions have been raised about his sexuality. There has been no turn around of the economy. The true percentage for those out of work is much higher than is being reported by this administration. There is no Palestinian dialogue. Only Kerry talking in the wind and the effort by this administration to throw Israel under the bus. Time to wake up and stop blaming Bush.
I have been keeping a tally of Obama's vacations and those of his wife in his first term. I stopped in disgust. My tally does not equal that of CBS. According to my recordings he took 16 vacations in 3 years, and 42 days in one year. These include trips to Panama City, FL, Martha's Vineyard, Hawaii, South Africa, Latin America, Vail, CO, and Corvallis, Orgeon (Michelle's brother). This tally does not include another trip they made to Martha's Vineyard later in the year, or a trip to England and Ireland in May, 2011 which was considered an "offical trip". Michelle and daughters went to Vail 1 month after Hawaii and to Latin America in March 2011. They spent 4 million dollars on their Christmas break in Hawaii in Dec., 2010. Their trip to Martha's Vineyard, Aug, 2011 cost us $50, 000 a week for the Blue Heron Farm Estate and they had Coast Guard ships floating near the property at all times. Michelle took 40 guest to Spain with her in August 2010, plus 68 security staff, personal staff, and Air Force 2. They take a dozen or more vehicles with them when they go. Their big vacations cost us 3 to 7 million, and the smaller ones are in the range of four to 5 hundred thousand for all the guest, the planes, the security, hotel costs for themselves, staff, and security, ambulances, helicopters, escorts, and luxury for everyone.
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