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Juan Williams to Michelle Malkin: I'm a Real Journalist, Not a Blogger

Arioch2112 Wrote: Jun 14, 2012 11:59 AM
I think that Juan (and many other supposedly 'professional' reporters) is overlooking a very important fact: our founders didn't have a 'professional reporting class' to prop up one side or the other and that isn't what 'freedom of the press' covers. In this day and age, bloggers are exactly the kind of 'press' our founders were familiar with; they are the pamphleteers of our current age. Given the crap coverage of our NEWs by the failing National Media, I'm all for calling them 'professional' but their job title should be more closely aligned with the OLDEST profession, as it were.

Last night on Hannity, liberal Fox News Political Analyst Juan Williams got on his high horse and called Michelle Malkin "just a blogger" while touting his title as a "real journalist."


Michelle took to Twitter after the show: