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Paul is a modern-day Jefferson. He was most violently opposed not by the left but by Clownhallers. This should tell you a thing or two about the sad state of modern conservatism.
Zionist propaganda is deadly effective, and has duped poor Carlos. Where in the constitution are drugs mentioned? THEREFORE, it is up to the individual states to write their own drug laws. This is the ONLY position a REAL conservative could ever possibly have, and the ONLY thing Paul has ever said about drugs.
Ron Paul wants to drop a nuke on Tel Aviv!!
If Ron Paul had won, we'd all be speaking Muslim right now.
Ron Paul wanted everyone to have an abortion!
Ron Paul wanted to give a nuke to Iran!
Ron Paul wanted to give heroin to little children!!!!!!!!
Clownhallers use the word "libertarian" like libs use the word "racist". In both cases, the intent is to shut down debate. Clownhallers and libs are two sides of the same coin these days.
No world order? Is that what Clownhallers call limited government these days?
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