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IRS Workers Still on Track to Get Bonuses

ardee2x Wrote: Apr 14, 2014 6:42 PM
Bonuses? Or Kickbacks? Semantics from the left.
All this TLC now, but in the Rose Garden a week or so ago not one word of recognition. I'd watch your back Kathy. Long about August you will again in the news for all the fails with the ACA.
By passing the Ryan Budget, Harry Reid will again insure that we are without a working budget and spending without controls will still be the order of they day.
Does anybody remember that the FBI stated, in their supposedly extensive investigation of the IRS targeting, that Ms Lerner FULLY cooperated with them and answered all their questions? By doing so she has waived her right to now not cooperate with ANY lawfully conducted investigation into this matter. That is on record. Ms Lerner is in clear violation of the law, period.
This is an SNL skit, right? Just too funny.
Then there is the "Peter Principle Plan". Where you just pay for everything, no deductable, no services. But you are forced to tithe to the DNC.
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Ukraine and Obama's UN Diplomacy

ardee2x Wrote: Mar 21, 2014 10:37 PM
The Ukraine, is gone. Thank you President "Finger up my Zzzs". IF, you want freedom, DO NOT apply here.
To explain my comment: Everyone thinks the most exclusive neighborhood in San Francisco is St Francis Wood, it's not. It is Seacliff, where they consider, as we all should, that politicians are nothing more than the "hired help". The seat of the "DIFI" In Pelosi's area, the power seat is Not San Rafael or Napa, it is Calistoga. You want to get to these people get busy there.
When, oh, when is Pelosi going to realize that we of Seacliff, do not want you here. Even though you have gotten as close as you can.
President Fool is falling apart. The only thing he can do is hide everything he has done. OMG, how did this happen? Disagreeable, petulant Presidents are one thing, but a man who has absolutely no, even minute, reasoning power and surrounds himself with only political wannabes, is beyond anything that even the most inept ruler in history has done. Nero wasn't even this bad.
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