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I really, really wish BHO and his dislexic geography bunch would stop using the term "ISIL". They are not the "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" and did not call themselves that until POTUS started calling them that. Please google "Levant" and you will find it is now where near the territories held by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which is now apparently neither a state or Islamic. Do you really trust these guys to protect us?
WHO? in the Sam He.. gives a 9 year old girl (sorry girls but you are typically not as strong as boys at 9) a fully loaded, fully auto UZI? First time I fired a fully auto it was an M14 in the military and they only gave us 4 rounds because this can and will happen. I greive for the instructor's family and for the little girl. She will need a lot of therapy.
Another reason why NYT is absolutely useless.
Does anybody understand that a Govenor or President does not have to give a reason for a veto? Any reason. If Perry wishes to veto money to a committee chaired by a drunken sot, he can, if the Teaxs legislature chooses to over turn that veto, they can.
WOW, this article is complete drivel. Sorry Mr Paul, I don't think anyone is seriously considering reinvading Iraq. This ISIS bunch of bandits does illustrate the folly of nations like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan for supporting people who are only loyal to their own back pockets. But I do agree that as long as we have them in a bunch, we should do as much damage as possible.
If it doesn't affect me personally, then I don't care if Adolf Hitler is President. THIS is why we have Obama.
The Worm Has Turned, EA Poe
What's to say... Starts with an SH ends with a T, OOOPS! My Father said: "the truth may (not) set you free, but it will get you out of the chaos that follows, just tell the truth".
The Dems greatest fear is that the Select Committee will be able to set Benghazi and subsequent events out in a clear and concise timeline that will completely disrupt and demolish the Dems narrative.
At some point the enrollment in online higher education will seriously threaten the college campus. Ease of class attendence (lectures hosted online), lower cost (no room and board, Kindle or other reader for textbooks) and you don't have to put up with some professor's off subject political rant. All good things.
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