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Poser of the United States: The Photo-Op Presidency

Archie1954 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 1:11 PM
Ms. Malkin, you really don't get it do you? The truth is you are an anachronism, your views are on the extreme limit of political thought in the US, in fact they are already discounted before you utter them simply because they originate in your brain. Doesn't that tell you something? Why not surprise everybody and say something of value once in awhile?
Nana82 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 1:38 PM
How many bestsellers you wrote Archie?

How many number one TV shows you on?

rocketmanron Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 1:29 PM
That's right Archie keep it up, keep embracing your Mistaken Certainty!!!
Ken6226 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 1:24 PM
We'll see who's an anachronism after Tuesday.
Illbay Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 1:14 PM
How ironic that someone who supports a lifelong Marxist agitprop artist and "community organizer," views traditional American republican values as "on the extreme limit of political thought in the U.S."

You know, we are actually going to have to KILL some of you people before you disappear. It's so sad, but I don't see any recourse. You are a cancer.
The official Obama 2012 campaign slogan is "Forward." The operational motto of the Obama administration is "Cheese." As in "say cheese." From hollow Greek columns to strategically released Situation Room candids, the Paparazzi President has put self-serving optics above all else.

What did we get after four long years of expertly staged Kabuki-theater-meets-Potemkin-village productions? Sixteen trillion dollars in debt, a pile of dead bodies, troops at increased risk and a gallery of tax-subsidized Kodachrome pictures creating the grand illusion of leadership.

On Monday night, as Hurricane Sandy bore down on the East Coast, Team Obama's image consultants released a photo showing POTUS purportedly...