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"Offensive Statements" Call for the Liberal Taliban to Cut Off Some of the Right Heads

Archer77 Wrote: Jul 01, 2013 12:26 PM
Great column. You need to advise the repub. party on strategy. Since the dems. do not shy away from lying, and the media is useless to honesty, the only way to defeat them is to constantly tell the truth. Conservative repubs. use logic and facts, but dems. use mostly emotional arguments that are often wrong. I would believe that at least 55% of the voting public would agree with conservatives if they would constantly stick to the truth. A big problem for the party is when the rinos side with the dems for apparently no rational reason. On big issues ( gun control, immigration, spending ) to do what the rinos do just muddies the message that the conservatives are trying to make. As the author has pointed out, with every scandal O just moves on in a few days with the cooperation of the media. The only way for the repubs to win is to not back down from talking about the admin's failures.