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Romney to Reporter: So, Is There Anything of Significance You'd Care to Talk About?

Arby Wrote: May 10, 2012 12:39 PM
You could not be more right. Ditto Mitt. Gay marriage is just ONE MORE DIVERSION from the weakling Democrats who have no record whatsoever to be proud out. If it's not a war on women, it's gay marriage, or green energy. It's NEVER the economy, it's never private sector jobs, it's never smaller government, it's never genuinely reducing the debt. That's Barack -- a fountain of useless diversions.

If we're to believe the White House's proffered narrative, Joe Biden's televised moment of solidarity for same-sex marriage on Sunday was unplanned, unscripted, and from-the-heart, randomly turning this into Gay Marriage Week and prompting President Obama himself to come clean on an issue that he had actually already made up his mind about, if just a bit sooner than he'd intended. For the record, I don't buy the White House's narrative for a hot second. If there is one thing at which President Obama really is quite adept, it's campaigning, and Team Obama has time and again demonstrated itself a...