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Ken Cuccinelli: Can a Conservative Still Win Big?

Arby Wrote: Mar 25, 2013 9:27 AM
Your last sentence speaks the truth about many things: If a conservative wants to win big, I believe unemployment will have to rise to 9% or above again. I believe jobs will have to dry up and illegals will return home because they can even get menial jobs. And I believe the Dems must go on a tax-and-spend spree too. If the economy tanks more than it is tanking now, many Americans will do what they did in 2010 -- and vote conservative.

Can Virginia’s current attorney general and GOP candidate for state governor prove conservative ideas still win big elections?


Virginia Attorney Ken Cuccinelli began 2013 with a victory over the Obama administration, something the conservative movement was looking for after a devastating 2012 election. The victory came at the expense of the Environmental Protection Administration, which sought to actually regulate water as a pollutant, an unprecedented move that would have had ramifications reaching well beyond Virginia.

It wasn’t...