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Don Lemon is the king of token blacks, but doesn't know it. If Don Lemon were white -- the closest he would get to CNN would be to take the group tour. But then, if Barack Obama were white, he would never ever have been "elected" (by dead people or otherwise) to any public office. He would simply be another white person looking for a job, like millions and millions already are.
This may or may not be the first ISIS attack on the U.S. but it is FAR from the first Islamic terrorist attack on the U.S. -- and that is really the issue. These people not only need to be stopped. They need to be terminated, eradicated, eliminated. No more Cushy-Cushy Gitmo with prayer rugs -- eliminated. As in "from the face of the earth." The threat is literally at our door once again, and Barry Boy is on the golf course once again. He is the biggest piece of dirt I've ever seen.
It seems to me that if "special things" are not to be offered to "certain groups of people," then affirmative action ought to be completely blown out of the water. This has nothing to do with God or the belief in God or the NON-belief in God. It is much simpler. If no one person or entity should offer anything different whatsoever to any different categorization or classification of people -- then there should be NO quotas for race, NO change in standards to accommodate race or nationality. If everyone is to be offered exactly the same thing -- then that is the way it should be. NO exceptions -- not for blacks, not for Latinos, not for anyone at all anywhere.
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Ryan says he'd love to see Romney run again

Arby Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 7:30 AM
I think Romney would have made a very good president. But does that mean he should run again, or that the GOP should WANT him to run again. Definitely no. Twice he ran and twice he failed. That's enough. Whether it should count or not, America does remember things like that.
That's EXACTLY what Holder is being sent to do. Right on the money.
Has he ever done anything EXCEPT be on vacation? Even when he is in the White House….he's yapping about electric cars and climate control while our southern border is being invaded. Face it…America's looney left elected someone who has never done an honest day's work in his life…and he certainly did not start in 2009.
Every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Always was. Always will be.
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As summit closes, Obama hails US-Africa ties

Arby Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 8:04 AM
Who cares about Africa? Who cares whether Africa improves or whether it falls into the ocean? America is withering under his total lack of leadership and under his socialist reign. He is a plague upon America.
Everything Obama has ever said and will ever say is A LIE. Nothing but a lie.
I have often thought the same thing. I don't think it has ever happened that we've had a president and not one single person from his past has stepped forward to say "I knew him when." Not one. Of course, it makes me wonder whether the past that he claims is really even closed to the past that he actually participated in.
My thoughts exactly. He wants to be president for life, as long as he can continue doing nothing but destroying America.
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