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Oh oh oh -- but it's NOT political, says Hussein Obama.
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Obama Does Have A Strategy, And It’s Awful

Arby Wrote: Aug 31, 2014 8:09 AM
Increasingly, I do not believe any of Obama's behavior is incompetence, weakness or confusion. I believe he is out to destroy America -- and he really doesn't much care how. It could be via a totally collapsed economy. It could be via Socialism. It could be from being overrun by illegal aliens. Or it could be via jihad. He might have a preference once way or another, but I believe his goal is to destroy America and I think he has made an outstanding start.
Amen. You are sadly 100% correct. He is also, I believe, very dangerous. I think he is putting America in harm's way quite deliberately. The idiotic, low information voters of the American proletariat elected this shyster and I believe it is quite within his power to play a significant role in taking America down.
You're just an idiot. What a worthless and stupid post.
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Hey Obama, David Cameron Has a Strategy

Arby Wrote: Aug 29, 2014 5:00 PM
Obama is not a president. He is just a lazy golfer who is enjoying all the perks of being elected by a truly stupid proletariat.
Sadly, you are exactly right. Free stuff is just about all that so-called Democratic voters care out.
I'm with you. Momentarily is fine by me.
I would like someone to point to ONE good, beneficial, community-oriented action that Muslims have taken, either in this country or elsewhere. Those so-called "peaceful Muslims" that live all over America -- who knows whether they are peaceful or not. They stay to themselves -- incessantly -- and I never hear one word voiced about how their religion has been hijacked by radical terrorists -- NOT A WORD. I don't believe there are peaceful Muslims. I believe that all Muslims believe that other beliefs and religions should be brought in line and rectified with their own. The fact that all the "good peaceful Muslims" in the U.S. are not foaming at the mouth to condemn their barbaric cousins speaks VOLUMES and tells me all I need to know. As for the AAJA, they can pound sand. They know nothing. Hey, AAJA -- go "dialog" with the savages. See how many of you return, and how many of you are pictured in orange with some savage holding a hatchet above your head. You're uninformed politically correct idiots. Go have a Koolaid party and shut up.
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UN: ISIS Prefers Maiming, Killing on Fridays

Arby Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 3:54 PM
mspathetic….you're pathetic. To equal ISIS with American conservatives (there ARE no radical conservatives, you idiot) illustrates that you do not DESERVE to live in America. If I had my way, you'd be drop into Iraq from a plane and left to the wolves of ISIS.
Andrea could not be more right. You don't solve this with a dialogue. I suggest, though, that the Asian American Journalists Association is MORE than welcome to try opening a dialog. Better tell your family to be ready to see some POS swinging your head in the wind, though.
Well said. I never thought much about race until Obama took office -- but ever since, it has been nothing but race race race race race in the news, in our faces every single day. I am weary of black people who overreact to absolutely anything including when someone exhales. They represent what -- 17% of the population? You would think it was 85% with the amount of news attention it captures. I'm tired of it.
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