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Rubio: Hillary Clinton Is So 20th Century

Arby Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 5:51 PM
I'll bet you're good friends with a well known (female moniker) poster on TH who calls EVERYONE and his brother a RINO, a dirty this and that, a loser, a total ZERO etc. -- because they don't measure up to her pristine, sterling conservative standards. She is, after all, the only one who is able to define conservatism. She -- and you -- are among the reasons so many people loathe Republicans and associate them with hatred, intolerance and prejudice. She and you give US a bad name and she and you give many others a bad taste in their mouths. Marco Rubio isn't my favorite GOP possible, but he is light years better than Hillary, light years better than Hussein Obama and light years better than Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren, the latter two of whom are total jokes. I would take Marco Rubio over many. You, apparently, think you're something special, good enough to call people traitors and meat heads. You demonstrate exactly who you are with every post.
Lena Dunham is living proof that we really DO need more requirements for being allowed to vote. Is she even a sentient being?
There is no larger horse's rear than Al Franken. He was only elected by voter fraud. ANYONE, including Donald Duck, would be better than Franken.
Not a big fan of O'Reilly, but no one said it better on election night in 2012. Barack Obama's re-election (and the election of all Democrats) is about people who want FREE STUFF. It could not be simpler. FREE STUFF…water, birth control pills, Obama-phones, food stamps, whatever the goods are -- "Democratic voters" want those goods paid for by someone else. That's the long and short of being a Democrat these days.
I really think the GOP needs new blood in the election, not blood that couldn't win against Mitt Romney (Mitt Romney???) last time around. Perry has a lot of experience, but he stumbles badly when he opens his mouth and that will absolutely NOT help sway the independent vote, which is exactly what the GOP needs to sway in order to win the election.
I don't consider Barry Boy an American. You might, but I don't. And your comments are becoming disgraceful and disgusting.
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Are Black Voters Turning Against Obama?

Arby Wrote: Jul 17, 2014 2:32 PM
Blacks will never turn on Obama. Never. Didn't something like 97% of them vote for Obama? When Obama's reign ends, he and Michelle will quietly emigrate to some foreign country where they can practice their own true religion openly, unlike their current behavior. And the eyes of many many Americans will pop. But I digress. Again, the answer is no -- blacks will never ever turn on Obama.
More lunatic ideas from the lunatic fringe, the Democratic party.
A great response. That is exactly what should be done and right away.
If it were not such a hideous blatant lie, it would be hilarious. NO ONE in the Obama administration seems to know anything at all unless it is printed in the newspaper. The DOJ is no longer the Dept. of Justice. Justice stopped the day that liar and racist Eric Holder appeared. Now it is just another enforcement arm of Barack HUSSEIN Obama's radical ideological "policies," or dictates might be the better verbiage.
Beautifully stated.
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