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This outcome -- sad though it may be -- happened exactly as it should. It does not matter what race you are or where you live. If you are armed and you pull a gun on a police officer, you can and should expect to be shot and possibly killed. I don't think that I have ever thought about race as much as I have in the last 4 years. Barack Obama and his henchmen like Holder and Sharpton do nothing BUT compel people to focus on race. And unfortunately, the black race in this country seems increasingly attracted to risky, violent, unlawful and totally unproductive lifestyles which can and often do get them killed.
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De Blasio vs. The NYPD

Arby Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 1:11 PM
Interesting to note, deBlasio is not calling for an end to protests and demonstrations, just a very temporary ceasefire until the two assassinated police officers can be peacefully buried. Guess he likes what is happening in the street of NYC. What a surprise, eh?
I'm with you. While I will vote for just about any Republican if I have to, to stop a Democratic win, I'm not so sure about voting for Rand Paul. More and more, to me, to sounds like he is all over the ball field. Not sure WHAT he stands for, if anything, and whether or not that will change in a heart beat.
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Future Uncertain, Romney Sits Atop GOP Polls

Arby Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 8:36 AM
Sadly, I will hold my nose and continue to vote for ANY Republican. I really want Scott Walker to run, but I also like Trey Gowdy and Susana Martinez and Mike Pence. But -- what I don't want above all is a Democrat. I don't want Hillary, Biden, Warren or any other destructive politician from the left. So, if the GOP is stupid enough to nominate Romney or Bush, or even Christie -- I will indeed hold my nose and vote for them, but only because I want to vote AGAINST the left. This country cannot, I believe, sustain either 4 or 8 more years of Democratic "rule." It will sink into the ocean of Marxism if that happens.
De Blasio is finished as mayor. He may remain in office, but this extended incident has marred his ability to actually serve as mayor. When he accused police of being racists and then happily allowed protesters to call for the deaths of cops (supported by none other than the world's largest piece of garbage Al Sharpton), he lost any chance of being perceived as an effective mayor.
Mr. Coburn can be friends with whomever he wishes. However, he has apparently completely overlooked the damage that Obama has done to this country and continues to do. I am happy that Mr. Coburn is leaving. He is apparently somewhat ignorant and quite incapable of seeing or dealing with the truth.
If Obama had a third daughter, she would look like Joanne. So why in heaven's name would he ever demand her return? He SUPPORTS thugs and criminals.
This would be laughable, were it not for the fact that those surveyed are the very people who have volunteered to protect America and Americans, up to and including giving their lives. And when it comes to the so-called commander-in-chief, only 15% actually support him. He is a disgrace to the country and to all branches of the military who are so dedicated to defending this once great nation.
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Choking Constitutional Liberty

Arby Wrote: Dec 21, 2014 5:20 AM
Obama was legally elected -- twice -- by the majority of the American people. They got exactly what they voted for. They voted for a black man first, because they wanted to assuage their white guilt. They voted for a man they knew nothing about -- every record about him was sealed -- because he spoke well at the podium and made lots of promises to everyone. They voted for a person with ZERO experience doing anything, again because he spoke well at the podium. Well -- they got what they voted for -- a dictator, a tyrant, a Marxist, the biggest racist ever, and a political mouthpiece. Americans chose this. (Clearly, they have wised up a bit, evidenced by the Nov. 2014 elected….but it will never make up for electing someone named Barack Hussein Obama twice to the White House.) Neither McCain nor Romney was even close to my "ideal GOP candidate" -- not even close. But I voted for both of them because I voted against Obama. And I will continue to do the same. I HATE "holding my nose and pulling the lever" -- but when you don't, you end up with a Marxist, a tyrant, a racist and the increasing but eventual total loss of liberty. You want America to be Cuba Major or North Venezuela?? -- keep voting Democratic.
Communism has succeeded NOWHERE in the world. It is a tyrannical form of government built on verbiage and ideology, but essentially it is one massive form of government control in which the vast majority of the people of a nation live like paupers while a few -- like Castro's privileged daughter here -- live like uber rich.
Well, they haven't done so or even tried to do so in well over 50 years. There is no reason to believe that Cubans now will attempt to "overthrow their government and hold free elections." No reason at all.
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