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He's a dreg. Period.
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Poll: Huckabee Clear Favorite in Iowa

Arby Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 5:18 AM
I think it's vitally important to run someone who is electable. Both Huckabee and Romney might be good presidents (not my choice but "might be") -- but neither one is electable in this country, IMO. Not against Hillary.
There ARE no parts of the "Islamic world" that are civilized. They are all barbaric and need to be exterminated. As for Rand Paul, he is making a non-candidate of himself -- more so every day and every time he speaks. Which isn't all that horrendous.
NAACP. NOW. Any and every left wing radical group in existence -- THOSE are the people Hussein Obama supports. Forget Americans. After all, he has.
Pathetic you are. No one is blaming the government because a journalist was captured. We are blaming the government because it did ZERO, NOTHING and NADA whatsoever when 2 journalists were viciously beheaded and murdered….when previously, it traded 5 top jihadist for one army deserter. THAT, sweet cakes, is why we are blaming the government. And that, sweet cakes, is 1000% correct.
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CNN Hires Jay Carney

Arby Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 4:28 PM
A little?
Ah,but he does get it. Big time, too. He just doesn't CARE that an American was beheaded….anywhere,by anyone. It's NOT more important to him than playing golf and the only reason he took a breather from playing golf to issue a statement was because one of his handlers made him. Now -- he cares about Ferguson and black people, big time. But a white American journalist viciously murdered by muslim jihadists….nah, that's not a bad thing, according to Hussein Obama.
Except really…no one has to do anything or invade anywhere to make Hussein Obama look like a fool. He does that perpetually well, all by himself.
The military has a strategy. So does just about everyone reading a conservative forum. But not Bammy -- no strategy yet. Maybe someone should shove Barry Boy's sorry rear end out of office and replace him with someone who WANTS TO protect this country. It sure isn't the mooooslim in the White House.
You are a slug, just like the Mooooslim president you workshop. You don't deserve to live in America. You are a waste of perfectly good oxygen.
Ted Cruz is one of the EXTREMELY few people who is spot-on about Obama's handling of Middle Eastern terrorist threats -- or lack of handling them. I saw the interview and thought he was excellent -- correct about every single issue.
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