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Agreed….but unfortunately, humility is a foreign word and emotional to most liberals.
Hussein Obama only wants jobs for ISIS -- not Americans.
You hit the nail right on the head. The only difference between these two jokers is gender.
Ah….the inescapable irony of a mouthpiece for Hussein Obama who is named: josh…earnest. It's almost too pat.
Obama a Christian? Highly doubtful. Most people who are in any way serious Christians do, now and then, set foot in a church. But not Barry Boy -- no, he's bound for the golf course on a constant basis, but church….uh, not so much.
You are exactly right. I believe that the majority of people who think that the wealthy don't pay their "fair share" (in Barack's words) of taxes actually have NO IDEA of how much the wealthy and affluent actually pay, which is a ton. When stupid people make stupid comments like "the guy who makes $50,000 is paying the same as the guy who makes $300,000," they have no idea of what they are talking about….because these people are not in any way paying the same. I think they should. I think a flat tax across the board is the right thing to do. IMO.
Perfectly said!
I do the same thing….although I am about to donate to Our American Revival in favor of Scott Walker. Once he gets his campaign officially off the ground, I will donate only to him.
I don't think Rubio can ever overcome his "Gang of 8" activity and support, regardless of what he says now in a campaign mode. But the reason I don't want him as a presidential candidate is, first, that he cannot possibly win against Hillary. She has the full load of Democratic support behind her -- even though she has no achievements and no demonstration of leadership. Neither does Rubio -- but he does not in any way have full GOP support behind him.
Rand Paul won't run because he knows he won't win. I know a number of people on TH support him, but there simply are not enough people nationwide who would. I don't believe Rand Paul (like Rubio) has displayed much leadership during his time in the Senate. Just as they say about Hillary (traveling is not an accomplishment), speaking your opinion about how things should be is not an accomplishment either. I don't believe our next president will come from the Senate. I believe he will come from a governorship (and I hope it will be Scott Walker). We have numerous governors who have genuinely accomplished MUCH and demonstrated leadership in their home states to choose from as a presidential candidate.
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"We Are Not At War With Islam," Obama Says

Arby Wrote: Feb 20, 2015 6:55 AM
Barry's not at war with Islam because he loves Islam and is a Muslim. The rest of us would be better served by seeing them nuked and destroyed.
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