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"You Never Do Say Never”

Arby Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 8:12 AM
Yeah….I'm not really a huge Mitt Romney fan (would vote for him over ANY Democrat of course, but I have other choices in the GOP)…but with Dr. Carson as a running mate….I think that would be a ticket hard to beat. Agree completely with you and Joel176.
Hussein is deliberately endangering our military forces. When ISIS is on our shores is a big, visible way, our military will dead from Hussein having sent them to Africa to "fight" Ebola. This lunatic should be removed in any way possible from the presidency. He is a bona fide danger to the country.
Heaven forbid we ban people coming from Africa into the United States. Heaven forbid -- what racists we will look like. The fact that they carry lethal and contagious diseases matters not one bit. Let's just let them all in and let Americans die. That's the attitude of Barry Boy Obama.
Screenings are useless. BANS work a lot better. But then, each member of Congress is paid upwards of $174,000 to REPRESENT you and me. Would you think they might have figured this out?
Amen. What we clearly need in America….more Liberians carrying Ebola. And more illegals from EVERYWHERE sneaking up through the porous southern border. You are exactly right -- it's about race and nothing but race, and Obama clearly hates the white race.
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Grimes Ad Hits McConnell for Amnesty Vote

Arby Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 7:14 AM
I don't think the people who need to see through it ever will. Barack Obama does it all the time and he is their adored leader.
Liberals LOOOOOVE China, just the way it is. Who is surprised at that? If they ever got into real power in the U.S. they would impose the same kinds of bans and regulations. If government can play a role in ANYTHING, liberals are for for for it 100%.
Michelle…stump….somehow those two words fit together like no others. A good match.
Typical Hollywood clueless Obamabot. She is the very definition of VACUOUS.
"Andrea Mitchell reports" -- what a misnomer. Andrea Mitchell spouts the talking points -- that's about all she is capable of. As for Obama, he has far more important things to do…like play golf. But the truth is, and we all know it, Barry is probably at his MOST effective on the golf course. We should help him to stay there permanently.
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Sad News: Jon Huntsman Passes on 2016

Arby Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 6:13 PM
Sad news? Not to me. I want someone electable, and John isn't / wasn't it. I want someone who can beat the pant(suit) off Hillary Clinton and return the GOP to power. I don't even care any more if that person is not as conservative as I would like -- I am just sick to death of watching the lunatic liberals give away the country, open the boards and import lethal diseases. Next thing you know, we will have "Welcome the Muslims" week across America. Time to flush liberals down the proverbial toilet of politics and return Republicans to power. The worst Republicans is better than the best Democrat.
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