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Michael Brown was a thug who was happy to attack a police officer. He got what he deserved. If it had not happened when it did, surely it would happen within the next year or two because his kind simply cannot stop living lawlessly. Those who defend him like CNN's Donna Brazile (he was "shot and murdered") need to be dumped from the "news" line-up. She is simply an angry black woman willing to say anything to incite. Just like the rest of them. If anyone wants to know what has genuinely hurt race relations, just look at the behavior of black people. Just LOOK.
Hearing Hussein Obama mention "the rule of law" is a joke, a very bad joke. Seems to me he just completely ignored the immigration laws by inviting millions and millions to invade our country and promising them green cards when they do. He should be behind bars.
I don't really care about the black vote or black unemployment. I DO care about turning this country into Northern Mexico, and that is exactly what is going to happen. Obama has never cared about Americans. He cares about Muslims and illegals -- and neither of them care about America other than to TAKE from it.
The DOJ is now a racist organization, led by Eric "my people" Holder and soon to be led by his female counterpart. It is used as a government retaliation arm, not as the former Dept. of Justice it used to be. Such is life under Emperor Hussein Obama.
It's understandable. It's not a good thing -- but it IS understandable. I'm starting to feel that way about blacks too. I didn't before Obama took office -- but he has divided this nation like no one else. I don't know that I have ever wish one person everything bad -- but I kind of wish that upon Obama.
Good going Hispanics. You break the law, invade the United State of America, and HUSSEIN Obama gives you a green card. You are criminals, no matter which way you slice it. You broke the law and you are not only NOT paying for it, you are being rewarded. You are guilty, and the one who is really guilty is HUSSEIN Obama. But I am sure you worship him for giving you a green card, benefits, an Obamaphone, free health care etc. This is your land of milk and honey, while all of us PAY FOR IT.
You fool. Your Messiah is guilty of everything -- the Beghazi murders and one heckuva lot more. But you….by all means, get down on your knees and worship the ground Hussein walks on. Obama is a plague upon the nation. Hillary is a murdering disaster. And you epitomize the word "fool." I bet your picture is in the dictionary right after it.
Al Sharpton -- I guess he's the right color for Barack Obama, the only color that counts for Barak Obama, the most divisive, bigoted, and deceitful person ever to occupy the White House.
Yawn. Newsflash -- EVERYTHING Barry Obama says is a lie. Everything. No one believes a word out of his always-open mouth.
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Hillary Probably Won’t Expand The 2016 Map

Arby Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 9:37 AM
Hillary wants to attract "working class whites?" Who does she think is paying the bills for all of Bammy redistributive programs -- blacks? Forget it, Killary -- you're toast, and Bammy is making doggone sure of that in his last two years.
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Scott Walker 2016?

Arby Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 9:36 AM
Walker has been my choice for a long time. He acts upon his goals, which are generally to restore Wisconsin (or hopefully America) to its potential and demonstrated greatness. He is restorative and conservative. He has a track record. Unlike the vast majority of Dems (and even Republicans) who just yap and yap and flap their never-closing jaws, Scott Walker has actually achieved some of his goals. He has been and continues to be my No. 1 choice. I wouldn't mind seeing Bobby Jindal as his running mate. Two governors -- NO senators or congressmen. We need leaders with track records.
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