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This clown needs to be reminded that he isn't a king. No one elected him Dictator-in-Chief. He can't and won't act like a responsible president, but he does one heck of a good impression of a dictator.
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BREAKING: SCOTUS Sides With Hobby Lobby

Arby Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 11:23 AM
You're exactly right. The continued failure of people who are conservative to vote AGAINST the liberals is what put people like Obama into the White House and Reid into the most powerful Senate position. Granted, no one wants to "hold his nose" and pull the level for someone he doesn't actually support gung-ho as president, senator or congressman, but when we don't vote against Democrats -- we get Reid and Obama and Pelosi.
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How Marco Rubio Would Reform Social Security

Arby Wrote: Jun 29, 2014 12:56 PM
Anyone reading this thread gets that you are outraged. But, the "solutions" you are proposing are simply not credible, and not going to happen. For many people, TownHall exists as a dumping ground for people's rants. They get SOOOOOO angry they can't take it anymore, so they come here and explode. Other people are here to debate (or exchange) solutions and ideas. But your making up nasty little names and innuendoes isn't going to do a single thing to change anything. Social Security needs to be fixed because: 1) it was an unsound idea to begin with; 2) politicians raped and stole all the money that was taken from workers to be dedicated to SS. But -- it's here and it isn't going away for a long time. Better to come up with viable ways to repair it and tame it.
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NPR Shills for Socialism

Arby Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 11:38 AM
Another case in point is Venezuela. I know several native Venezuelans who, in the middle years, moved to America, became citizens and now reside here. They tell of a wonderful, prosperous country before socialism, a country where everyone worked hard to take care of themselves and their families, but a country that was successful and was based on individualism. Socialism ended that, and it also ended the country's productivity. Just like Cuba. And National Public Radio wouldn't know "digging" and "exploring" of issues if "digging" and "exploring" hit them in the face….which, actually, would be a good idea. Also in the pocketbook, because they SHOULD be defunded.
Let's see -- 13 years, nearly $10 million a year for that whole time….yeah, there is absolutely nothing like being dead broke, is there? We ALL should be so dead broke.
Sorry, but "concerning" is not a preposition. In a sentence like this, "xxxxx (noun) is (verb) highly (adv -- describes an adjective, adverb or verb) concerning (adjective.)" Whatever word in this sentence that succeeds the adverb (highly) IS an adjective. But you are indeed correct that it is not the right word. "Disconcerting" would be far better.
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The 'Obama Brand' in Crisis

Arby Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 6:22 PM
Barack Obama is many (horrible) things to many people. But sometimes I think more than anything, he is a walking testimony to the dumbing down of America….the fact that the MAJORITY of people in this country behave as if they were brainless, lacking any ability to critically through an issue. They elect -- twice -- a person with NO experience, NO resume, NO track record -- a person who delivers nothing but promises and platitudes like "Yes, we can" and "hope and change." He is worthless. He has ZERO value, right along with his zero experience and achievements. He is the most divisive and destructive force this country has experienced in decades, and still….we have millions and millions who support him because: 1) they totally lack critical thinking and analytical skills; 2) they want their free stuff he has promised them. As I said….evidence of the dumbing down of America.
Ted Cruz is impressive -- his star is rising, and Boehner's is sinking. No one knows how long a person can or will stay true to his ideals, but Ted Cruz certainly appears to have the "right stuff," and I hope it prevails for a long, long time.
Lerner ought to be thrown in jail….no trial, no jury, no discussion. She is an enemy of the United States of America of the highest order, a traitor to this country and is against everything that America stands for. She shouldn't even be allowed to live here. Send her sorry behind to Cuba -- it's already better than she deserves.
The fact that Chris Matthews thinks he should turn down his nose at ANYONE is a laughing matter beyond hilarity. He epitomizes LOSER with a capital "L."
Sen. Kaine needs to be reminded that Barack needs no authorization to do anything at any time…whether with his phone, his pen or his incessant mouth. We just CALL him the president, but in truth -- he believes he is the king and he operates as such, and so far, NO ONE has called him out on it. I don't think that's a battle that Kaine wants to start, and apparently no self-described conservative does either. But it's the battle that NEEDS to be started, to get this self-proclaimed King to haul his sorry rear end out of the White House.
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