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Newsflash Barry Boy -- we all KNOW you don't think the Taliban are terrorists. They are people you would probably invite to dinner at the White House. You're no president. You are a disgrace to the country.
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The Shameless Hackery of Harry Reid

Arby Wrote: Jan 29, 2015 1:55 PM
Harry is just scum. There is no way around it. There may be Democrats we disagree with….but this man is simply the bottom of the barrel, like pond scum. Frankly, I think he looks great in that photo. Hope he stays like that.
They need to vote NO on confirmation for sure! Illegal ALIENS have NO RIGHTS in this country and some socialist Kenyan yahoo and his flunkies have no business giving them rights.
Barack Hussein Obama is what's taking so long. The Emperor doesn't want everyone to know that he traded 5 dangerous hideous Islamic terrorists for one chickensht deserter. Although….everyone does know that already so ….
You're so right.
This is what happens when you allow a closet Muslim to reside in the White House -- period. Obama always has Muslim and Islamic interests in the front of his mind. He has never cared once what happens to Americans, as long as he can keep them working and paying taxes for his Marxist giveaway. His sorry aszs should have been thrown out of office years ago.
Trek on over to the CBS News web site. This story isn't even on the web page for today. Liberal lunacy at its best.
As it should be. There should have been no question at all. And to think, Barry traded 5 dangerous terrorism for a criminal clown like Bergdahl. Barry isn't fit to walk through the doors of the White House.
I agree. No way she will skip. She, like Obama, is a narcissist and cannot let people forget her. My own feeling is, by the time Obama gets through with the next 2 years, only a handful will be wanting to vote for Dems' nonsense.
Good job, Boehner. The Emperor Obama is stomping his little footsie on the floor and pounding his little fistie on the table. "My way, my way, my way!" And all the yes-men he surrounds himself with are imitating him. And this clown is PRESIDENT?
Jindal to Stephanopolous: George, are you still impersonating a journalist?
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