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Change: Only Romney Edges Rubio in New Poll

Arby Wrote: Jan 24, 2015 11:35 AM
Scott Walker's the guy. HE's going to walk away with the whole magilla, by the time it actually happens. Huckabee --yesterday's preacher. Mitt -- lost twice already. Jeb -- "crossing the border illegally is an act of love" and need I say more? Rubio (even putting aside the gang of 8) -- first term senator, NO achievements, lots of ambiguous talk talk talk but ZERO action. Walker has a demonstrated track record. We KNOW what he is capable of. He doesn't run from unions or thugs.
Typical Bammy-the-Dictator move. Gotta' hand it to Boehner, finally. Did the right thing, made a good move, and little Bammy is oh-so-angry about it, stomping his little footsie on the ground and scowling at everyone. Hope he chokes. That would be the fastest way to get rid of his highness.
You know, I have wondered why, in 6 years that Barry boy has been president, not ONE single person has emerged from his college days to write a serious book or do a serious speaking engagement about those days. There are many times when I doubt if Barry even went to college, any college. NO colleagues, sealed records….sounds like a "bought and paid for" to me. Typical fraud for Barry.
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Rubio's Gamble

Arby Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 4:13 PM
Marco Rubio offers little compared to other strong candidates. He is a first term senator with not much of a track record, and his hideous participation in the Gang of 8 which uber conservatives will never forget or forgive. But putting the Gang of 8 aside, what exactly has he done? He pontificates, just like Rand Paul. I want a candidate who has actually DONE SOMETHING. Scott Walker fits the bill, Jindal, Kasich, Pence, Martinez. Even though Marco is a Republican -- how is having a first-term senator with NO ACCOMPLISHMENTS get elected to the WH different than what we are stuck with now? Oh, well, maybe Marco's not a socialist or a Muslim….but again….first-term senator, no real achievements. Have we NOT had enough of that ilk?
Oh,how I wish TH had a "like" button. You would get about 400 likes with that one!
The headline here cites "world leaders." I was surprised to see a quote from Barry Obama. He is not a world leader. He is not even a LEADER in this country. He is a golfer and taker-of-selfies and TelePrompter reader. That's about it.
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Oh Wow: Rubio's Really Running, Huh?

Arby Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 9:20 AM
What a huge disappointment Rubio has been. He was given the opportunity of a lifetime and has made a mess of it with his oh-so-typical political maneuvering and his change of position on amnesty. He has NO real achievements to his name, and he is a first-term Senator who probably cannot win a second term in FL. Seriously, no one will vote for Marco Rubio for president. He is not qualified, period.
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Obama Still Reading From the Same Old Script

Arby Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 7:52 AM
One of the saddest things is that there really are people in the U.S. of relatively low intelligence and "low information" -- and they lap up this "one of the folks" nonsense that Barry serves up every time. They think he is one of THEM. They think he cares about THEM. And they vote for this garbage, this redistributive crud that Barry the Socialist has supported from Day One. It is more than just Barry who are responsible for the destruction suffered by the United States. It is these low-info, low-intelligence voters who behave no differently than kittens lapping up milk.
I have never really been able to figure out the major draw of Megyn Kelly. She does not seem overwhelmingly articulate, and yet Fox gives her PRIMO real estate. Yes she's pretty and yes she's attorney…but is that enough to give her prime time after O'Reilly? I watched a few times and gave up…she is not a riveting host by any stretch.
What bloodbath are they talking about? Really, no one outside of the RNC (which means the vast majority of Americans) wants either of them to run. And the RNC wants both of them so badly it hurts. Jeb and Mitt will signal the death spiral for the GOP. Gimme Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Susana Martinez, Mike Pence….a person who has actually done something notable and can do the same thing for AMERICA.
Love Scott Walker -- have for a few years now. He's the best -- tough, principled, and very success -- he completes what he starts. My own personal feeling is not toward Cruz. Martinez maybe, or Mike Pence or Bob Jindal. I'm not in favor of first-term Senators being elected to such a high office. Look what happened with the current WH resident. But Walker -- with you 200% on him.
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