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Amen kajun51! You could not be more right about anything. This nonsense of calling "criminal entry" into the U.S. "immigration" needs to stop.
Come on….what do mean "no action?" Barry has played a ton of golf this year, and has fund-raised his little behind off. In fact, I wish his little behind would be off to Cuba or Venezuela where he more rightfully belongs.
Hey Hussein -- no one elected you emperor or king. Put a cork in it and for once uphold the Constitution-- you know, that document you hate so much that you trample it every chance you get.
I am quite weary of "rich" and "wealthy" having become dirty words in our political environment. Once they were words that many of us aspired to. You got as much education as you could, you got a job and the best one you could, you worked hard, you took care of yourself…and you ASPIRED to do better in life than your parents. Having resources was a desirable state, an achievement to strive for. Now, money is viewed as something that should be taken from people who earned it and given to people who sit around on their FAT BEHINDS all day watching TV and cashing welfare checks -- all done by the GUBMINT. Except of course for rich Dems like Pelosi and Reid and Rangel…who essentially avoid paying taxes altogether and look for ways to steal other people's money. I used to be moderately tolerant of liberals, but increasingly, I am coming to hate them all and to hate what they stand for, which is the demise of America.
Send them back. Deport their sorry behinds and use American money for Americans. These people are illegals, and that means criminals. Oh, wait…that's right….that's a favored category of Hussein Obama.
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Obama, Putin discuss Ukraine, missile treaty

Arby Wrote: Aug 02, 2014 10:17 AM
Obama is a total joke (except he's very dangerous). Clearly, Putin understands this and has for a long time. President Draw-a-Line-in-the-Sand is totally weak and ineffectual.
Barack Obama needs to be stopped from thinking that he is -- and behaving like -- an emperor or king. He is not one -- and our congress had better grow some backbone and demonstrate that to him. He is a total disgrace to this nation. No one has ever damaged the U.S. as much as Barack Hussein Obama -- and I hope no one ever does again.
Typical Democrat from California -- completely clueless and, of course, a liar.
So now the most dangerous people driving cars on the road are teens who are stoned out of their minimal minds and 98% glued to their "devices" so they can text. More and more, driving is not a good thing.
Is there anyone cognizant NOW running the country?
Putin ignores Obama. So does most of the rest of the world. It's difficult to have gone from being the most significant country in the world to be the most ignored country in the world. And we can all thank Barry. HE DID BUILD THAT.
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