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So now the most dangerous people driving cars on the road are teens who are stoned out of their minimal minds and 98% glued to their "devices" so they can text. More and more, driving is not a good thing.
Is there anyone cognizant NOW running the country?
Putin ignores Obama. So does most of the rest of the world. It's difficult to have gone from being the most significant country in the world to be the most ignored country in the world. And we can all thank Barry. HE DID BUILD THAT.
Doesn't it just scare you to death, the thought of a pea-brain like Hillary becoming president?
Barry Hussein Obama was elected by the STUPIDITY of American people. This was not about "white guilt" but about Americans being 100% stupid and believing his outrageous claims and promises. That is what he does, and does well -- make outrageous claims and promises. Truth matters not one bit. He's doing it again to rile up the basis. And as they say, you can't fix stupid…so it will probably work. His base IS stupid. Also lazy, irresponsible, greedy and without critical thinking or discernment ability. So, his message is just perfect for them.
Nooooo, a lot are NOT racists now. Their eyes have been opened by the community-organizer president who isn't one. They believed his pablum because they were stupid, not racist. Now, they are still not racist…but they have experienced first hand what happens when you elect a socialist community organizer who promises the world and delivers ZERO.
Hamas needs to be eradicated, just like rodents.
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GOP Enthusiasm Foreshadows Midterm Advantage

Arby Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 12:31 PM
Voting against just about anything and everything that took place in the Obama administration IS having something to vote FOR, in my opinion.
I think it's just Americans he hates. I'm willing to bet he loathes naturalized citizens as well as native born citizens. I think it's probably everyone who is not a muslim and not a marxist and not important in his effort to "transform" America. He has done a whopping good job so far.
Please, write your representatives in Washington about this, again and again. Yes, I know, they may be worthless and clueless….but writing here on Townhall gets you NOTHING. If you want to express yourself and your rage at this president's outrageous behavior, write to your reps. If EVERYONE did that every day -- something might get done. At least there is a chance. Venting here at TH is useless (except for catharsis).
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