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That was my thought exactly. I'm not sure at all that we would be better off paying them to "work."
Oh yay! -- Another high paid do-nothing with a socialist ideology who can carry tons and tons of water for Barry Boy. I guess we don't have enough of them already.
"We urge you immediately…" is not what I would call "demanding." Tell that pos that you're going to start impeach procedures. He is a dangerous ideologue. He is a plague upon America and will be the downfall of this country -- as he WANTS to be.
You are a lunatic. You prove that every day with every post. So you know what, Willie sweet cheeks? How about you go find yourself a "PRO-Marx" country and live there. You don't deserve the oxygen of America. You are simply a stupid, raving lunatic.
You are exactly right. This man is neither incompetent nor stupid. He is dangerous beyond description and he is proving it every day. Yes Congress sits by with their thumbs in their ears (and other places) acting like it's just another day at the OK corral. Obama is a plague upon America, and he is absolutely bringing this nation down.
If that is the quality of person Arizonans want to lead them, so be it. What a pity they might elect a person of such low caliber. In my opinion, a 14-year old shouldn't even be going out on a date without her parents' permission, and without her parents knowing the boy and yes, knowing probably his parents. And this jamoche thinks an abortion is fine. What a slug.
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"You Never Do Say Never”

Arby Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 8:12 AM
Yeah….I'm not really a huge Mitt Romney fan (would vote for him over ANY Democrat of course, but I have other choices in the GOP)…but with Dr. Carson as a running mate….I think that would be a ticket hard to beat. Agree completely with you and Joel176.
Hussein is deliberately endangering our military forces. When ISIS is on our shores is a big, visible way, our military will dead from Hussein having sent them to Africa to "fight" Ebola. This lunatic should be removed in any way possible from the presidency. He is a bona fide danger to the country.
Heaven forbid we ban people coming from Africa into the United States. Heaven forbid -- what racists we will look like. The fact that they carry lethal and contagious diseases matters not one bit. Let's just let them all in and let Americans die. That's the attitude of Barry Boy Obama.
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