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Please, write your representatives in Washington about this, again and again. Yes, I know, they may be worthless and clueless….but writing here on Townhall gets you NOTHING. If you want to express yourself and your rage at this president's outrageous behavior, write to your reps. If EVERYONE did that every day -- something might get done. At least there is a chance. Venting here at TH is useless (except for catharsis).
Barack Hussein Obama is nothing but a joke. After six years, just about no one can take him seriously in any way. Frankly, I wish he WOULD watch TV. Anything that keeps him from trying to act or behave like a president is a direct benefit to the U.S. So, golf, fund-raise, watch TV -- do whatever you like Barry -- just don't get any more involved with anything to do with the U.S. for the next two ears. We will be better off.
You spoke a mouthful and you are right, I suspect. I wrote (far below) about so-called Republicans who don't vote because a candidate isn't conservative enough for them, and this is indeed what handed the election to Obama. Most of the candidates who ARE conservative enough for them are unelectable, and everyone knows it. The only way to take the election away from the Democrats is to find a candidate that moderates and independents WILL VOTE for, and then try to get all the other Republicans to also vote.
I wasn't a huge Romney fan, but I do agree with you. This country would be infinitely better off with Romney and Ryan at the helm. I don't think, though, that it had to do with guilt about blacks or electing a black president. I think it had to do with the vastly increasing majority of low-education, low-information voters who just see the government as the hand-out source of free stuff and who live ON and FOR government assistance. The Dems promise more and more all the time, the low-info voters lap it up like kittens drinking milk. I don't think that will stop. I share the frustration of many with big government. But when I hear people say that they will NEVER ever vote for a Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio because they are not conservative enough, then I am convinced that we are going to live under Democrats' rule for a long long time. To me, that's the kiss of death. And it doesn't have to be that way. But it takes a lot of VOTING moderates and VOTING independents and VOTING conservatives to stop the ton of low information Democratic voters we now have in this country. That's the only way to begin to stop the current flood, IMO.
Mission accomplished. That was exactly what Barry Hussein Obama wanted. Get ready, U.S. -- single payer, here we come.
It is entirely the fault of American idiocy that this man was elected to anything…and that he stays elected to anything. But as Charlie35 points out below, the Dems will continue to vote for him because, after all, what they REALLY want is their free stuff. Getting free stuff is all that matters to most Democratic voters.
You're exactly right. Scott Walker has been my top pick for a long time now. I think he is a candidate that is very electable and that many independents and moderates -- who are ESSENTIAL for winning the election -- could get behind in the name of recovery and prosperity.
Agree whole-heartedly. There is plenty of new and good talent that IS electable. Bachmann and Santorum will just deflect from the significance of the race and the importance of identifiable THE candidate who can and will beat any Democrat. THAT's what we need to do, not run the politicians who couldn't even get the nomination last time.
Good. Nothing kills jobs faster than the Democrats' typical "control this, regulate that" mentality. When there are few jobs and the majority of state residents are on welfare -- watch the few remaining money-makers an taxpayers move out as well. Dems are single-handed creating barren wastelands where there were once prosperous states.
We can thank Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the only non-Amerian American president. This is all part of his "fundamental transformation" of America. Howdaya like it so far?
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