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Dean, thank you for your sane approach to "live and let live." If only more people held those views toward each other….life would be a lot less stressful in these United States.
Policy and history??? It's not just policy and history that are against Jeb Bush. It's millions and millions of us -- conservatives, REAL Republicans who want a government that works for us and by us, on OUR behalf. I try my hardest not to leave the Republican party, but the Republican party has done an outstanding job of leaving me. For 2016 -- Scott Walker, Trey Gowdy, Mike Pence, Bobby Jindal, Susanna Martinez -- we have a wealthy of outstanding candidates with outstanding track records and do not need the likes of either Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush, neither of whom is electable in any way.
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Yes, Michelle, It's Because You're Black

Arby Wrote: 20 hours ago (9:33 AM)
Barack and Michelle are two extremely ordinary black people who lucked out and got where they got because of affirmative action, and because a good segment of America's white population is he11bent on bending over backwards to demonstrate how completely unracist they are. If Barack and Michelle were white, they would be just like the rest of us -- competing every day to get a good job and keep a good job, to get a good salary and keep it, to live in a nice neighborhood, own your own home, raise your kids as well as you can. Michelle is just despicable. She is completely unfit to be a first lady, in my opinion. She ought to grow some manners. I am amazed that White House protocol doesn't have a necessary training course in appropriate manners -- NOT that she would avail herself of it.
Best laugh I have had today….Joe Biden running for president. Honestly -- it doesn't get much better than that. Not a day passes that Joe doesn't successfully aim his foot toward his mouth. Just think, a gaffe a day for….let's see, how much is 365 times 4…. Forget about Comedy Central….just watch Joe in the WH.
The Dictator Obama has spoken. Forget Congress, forget the people. What the Emperor wants, he does.
What in heaven's name did anyone expect from the Marxist in the White House?
I think Marco Rubio is somewhere in between the establishment GOP like Jeb, Christie, Romney etc and the young stallions like Walker, Pence, Cruz, Martinez, even Ben Carson. Many serious conservatives don't like or trust Rubio because of his flip-flop on the Gang of 8. I can agree with that position, to a point. He disappointed me and caused me to distrust his willingness to stay the course. BUT -- and I think it's a big "but" -- we need people that can WIN, can prevent Hillary from ever setting foot in the White House again. Frankly, I will vote for anyone who can do that. I don't think Rubio is good enough to do it as the presidential candidate, but maybe as a VP -- but then, only with a crackerjack candidate like Walker at the helm.
No no no no no. Scott Walker, Mike Pence, Susana Martinez, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal…but no more Bushes and no more Romneys. No no never, ever ever again. Unlike of course the GOP actively WANTS TO LOSE the election. In that case…..
Who is surprised, really? Kermit the Killer -- now isn't that exactly the person you would expect some bleeding heart liberal Obama supporter to make a movie about?
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‘Mittmentum’ Part VII: Ready For Romney

Arby Wrote: Dec 16, 2014 2:09 PM
Mitt Romney is not electable. He has lost twice (once again John McCain -- which is really bad) -- and there is no reason at all to think he can win now. Mitt Romney is not really a conservative. He may be a registered Republican, but I don't believe he even genuinely represents Republican values. He's just a younger, smilier, more sophisticated version of John McCain, falling over himself to shake hands across the aisle. We have plenty of really strong, really accomplished, really appealing and electable candidates. Howsabout we run ONE OF THEM???
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