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Flagged your remark as offensive, which is what you are. Taking your bashing somewhere else, oh poorly informed one.
I must have missed the memo. When did America become a monarchy? (And far FAR worse, when did the Clintons get proclaimed king and queen? What is this -- a sock hop?)
Not just "kind of too bad those days are gone." ABSOLUTELY too bad they are gone. I remember the same days, when free speech flourished on campuses everywhere and anyone with an opinion was free to voice it. I certainly didn't agree with everything and everyone I heard. But in truth, I never really thought I'd see the day when people -- especially college kids -- are not allowed to express their political, religious, social or personal views publicly. But we are there.
Best laugh I've had all day. Kathleen Sebellius, a senator. Only lunatics would elect her. (But probably, the same ones who elected Barry. We have an over-abundance of lunatics in this country.)
Amen to that. McCain's time is long gone.
And anyone is surprised at leftist censorship?
When I read the article, I thought it was pretty funny. But the comments are even funnier. NO ONE -- no readers and not Putin -- takes Obama seriously. Draw another line in the sand (or sand trap, as the case may be), Barry….that will be effective.
You are right on target. The "why" of this is ridiculous to question -- a 4 year old could figure out why. The actions themselves are illegal, invasive and totally unethical (all qualities that the Obama administration exemplifies perfectly on a daily basis). You stated it perfectly.
This is exactly as Obama wanted it, heading toward an inevitable single payer system. Yessir, talk about fundamentally transforming America (right into a cesspool of socialism).
Amen on Trey Gowdy. Every single time I see him on TV, he is impressive -- logical, calm, smart, and absolutely dedicated to achieving the right results for this country.
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