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Phenomenal ad! Every point in it is true. The only point they didn't make was that Obama is a total traitor to America -- and he needs to be treated like one.
After watching the Marxist reign of Hussein Obama, truth is…I will vote for anyone who opposes him and anyone who wants to succeed him in the WH. I won't do this gladly. I don't like holding my nose and voting for someone I don't really want any more than anyone else does. But the Marxist Hussein Obama has already turned this country into a toilet, into a third world nation where illegal CRIMINALS get social security, medicare and welfare. My preference for a president is Scott Walker…and Mitt Romney doesn't even make my short or long list. But in truth, I will vote for anyone who is not the Democratic candidate for president. If more people had voted similarly in 2012, HUSSEIN would not be sitting his sorry rear end in the White House today.
Oh please, the thought of this gives me a cramp. Fortunately, neither John "hands across the aisle" McCain nor Lindsey Graham are going anywhere at all in the Republican party. They are old, they are establishment and they are career politicians who have long forgotten who they work for. Scott Walker is one outstanding candidate. Jindal too. There are others. But these old and old-time geezers need to sit back and not say anything more.
Barack Obama is a traitor. No one of his low caliber and criminal intent belong anywhere near the White House.
Perfectly said. Thank you. (And of course, hundreds of us here at TH have wondered exactly the same thing.)
Never was there a lying, racist POS like Obama in the White House, and I hope never again. He may well be the downfall of America and should be tried for treason, imo.
I believe Rand Paul is very quickly eliminating any chance he has of being the Republican nominee for anything in 2016. Politicians and government did not make the rioters and looters of Ferguson riot and loot. Lack of responsibility, lack of accountability, and lack of integrity all seem to be present in these people. You don't see other races doing what they did in Ferguson to Ferguson. You don't like a grand jury decision? Yeah, burn your own town to the ground, that makes sense. They are barbaric.
Amen. In fact, for me -- the words that come to mind whenever I see or hear the name Obama are exactly the ones you used -- worthless scumbag. He's a racist, a hater of all things American, a liar, a cheat and -- well, worthless scumbag.
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2016: Democrat Jim Webb Enters The Ring

Arby Wrote: Nov 25, 2014 8:09 AM
ALL Dems were a lockstep YES vote for Obamacare. They are sheep. Did you expect more? At least Webb will shake things up for Hillary a bit. I enjoy the show when Hillary is shaken up….her mouth runs more amok than usual.
Michael Brown was a thug who was happy to attack a police officer. He got what he deserved. If it had not happened when it did, surely it would happen within the next year or two because his kind simply cannot stop living lawlessly. Those who defend him like CNN's Donna Brazile (he was "shot and murdered") need to be dumped from the "news" line-up. She is simply an angry black woman willing to say anything to incite. Just like the rest of them. If anyone wants to know what has genuinely hurt race relations, just look at the behavior of black people. Just LOOK.
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