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Sadly, everything you wrote is 100% true. He is destroying America right before our eyes.
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Immigration Is American

Arby Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 10:06 AM
I strongly disagree that we should make immigration easier, issue more work permits, etc. This country has allowed MILLIONS of illegals to come and stay and USE UP our resources. The U.S. needs to care for AMERICANS first…and second and third. I am not interested in increasing the number of immigrants, legal or otherwise, until America starts to take care of Americans. Legal immigration SHOULD be difficult, it should be a challenge. It used to be worth something until Hussein opened the borders completely and put everyone on SNAP. We need to restore America first before we start to enlarge the population with more immigrants.
Someone ought to kick this jackasz's sorry rear end out of the White House. The Muslim community organizer in the White House sends 3000 troops overseas to "fight" Ebola, but simultaneously opens the southern border to every illiterate, every disease and every infestation possible. Someone ought to kick his rear end from here to China.
You are entirely right. Never should have been employed in the administration. Maybe on an assembly line somewhere (maybe….) -- but in the administration? Uh uh -- does NOT BELONG.
No American with even a modicum of intelligence should be setting foot in North Korea. That fact that this young man chose to speaks volumes about the kinds of choices he makes. It sounds cold and callous to say "Oh well…" but ….. "oh well." He MADE that choice, now he will live with it.
Terrorists of any persuasion are vermin. They are nothing more than upright cockroaches who must be exterminated, IMO. There is no explaining, no sympathy, no nothing -- they must be eradicated with any means possible. They deserve ZERO opportunity to take another breath.
I think CAIR needs to exit America immediately. No one cares what these radicals think -- we already know what they think and what they want to do. The overwhelming silence of the so-called "peaceful" Muslims everywhere, including America, about the violence and atrocities committed by radical Islamists, tells me everything I need to know about alleged "peaceful" Muslims. There's no such thing. There are only Muslims who have not committed violent and atrocious acts -- yet. Americans are being beheaded, and this CAIR jihadist likens Fox to ISIS. His sorry patoot ought to be exiled from America forever. Go live somewhere else.
He's a dreg. Period.
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Poll: Huckabee Clear Favorite in Iowa

Arby Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 5:18 AM
I think it's vitally important to run someone who is electable. Both Huckabee and Romney might be good presidents (not my choice but "might be") -- but neither one is electable in this country, IMO. Not against Hillary.
There ARE no parts of the "Islamic world" that are civilized. They are all barbaric and need to be exterminated. As for Rand Paul, he is making a non-candidate of himself -- more so every day and every time he speaks. Which isn't all that horrendous.
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