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Well stated, and all true.
I must agree with you. I think Scott Walker is the best candidate to take the nation into a new era, one where the U.S. begins to recapture some of its noble history and idealism. He has made fabulous inroads in terms of restoring Wisconsin. I like Ben Carson -- not convinced he would make the best VP -- but I don't think he would hurt.
Amen to that. I believe damaging America has always been his intention. I believe Obama has always wanted to turn America into a third-world toilet, and he is doing an excellent job. People whine and complain about candidates that are not "conservative enough" for them -- especially here at TH -- but I believe that any Republican, even the absolute worst Republican, would be 100 times better than Barack Hussein Obama.
Never fear. Barack Hussein Obama will probably drive to the northern border so he can personally welcome them and hand them IDs and work papers.
Amen to that. My feeling exactly. If they can spend weeks and weeks in Africa, can they not spend 21 days in quarantine protecting their fellow Americans? If they are liberals…I guess that answer is no.
Agreed. And this is, really, the tip of the iceberg. Everything he does, everything he initiates, and everything he supports is designed to endanger Americans and ruin America. And frankly, he is doing an excellent job of those two missions.
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Embarrassing Economists

Arby Wrote: Oct 22, 2014 10:44 AM
Even restaurants that still employ servers (like Chili's) are now employing technology at table side. Instead of handing your server a credit card and risking that the card gets compromised, you can now slide your own card at the table, determine the tip and get a receipt. I'm all for it. I hope they soon use technology to allow me to order my meal also.
That was my thought exactly. I'm not sure at all that we would be better off paying them to "work."
Oh yay! -- Another high paid do-nothing with a socialist ideology who can carry tons and tons of water for Barry Boy. I guess we don't have enough of them already.
"We urge you immediately…" is not what I would call "demanding." Tell that pos that you're going to start impeach procedures. He is a dangerous ideologue. He is a plague upon America and will be the downfall of this country -- as he WANTS to be.
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