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Rubio may run, but he shouldn't because he cannot win and will not win the nomination, and he certainly would not win the presidency. I live in FL and voted for Rubio, and I am not as furious as some people about his Gang of 8 behavior (although I wasn't thrilled about it)….but what exactly has Marco Rubio DONE, other than pontificate?
It's not an issue of lowering standards. It's an issue of blacks are always in the right, and whites are always in the wrong. That's how Eric Holder's brain and Barack Obama's brain works.
I would like to see Scott Walker as THE candidate. I sure wouldn't mind John Bolton as a VP -- every time I see him on Fox, he appears to be analytical, conservative, reasonable, intelligent, thoughtful and action-oriented. I really feel that ANY Republican whatsoever is better than Hillary -- but I truly hope the party nominates Walker at the candidate, with a running mate like Jindal, Bolton, Martinez etc. Like many here, I am quite lukewarm on people like Rubio and Christie, also on Jeb and even Carly because I don't want to see anyone in the WH who doesn't know his or her way around politics.
I'm with you on both counts. I think Walker is THE man to beat and the one who scares the living daylights out of Dems. I have always respected what Jindal is doing in Louisiana….the more I hear him, the more I think he would be a fantastic running mate with Walker. They are strong enough conservatives -- and they are both PROVEN COMMODITIES who have PROVEN records of achievement in their own states…something that no Democrat offers in any way.
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FCC Approves 'Net Neutrality' Regulations

Arby Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 5:20 PM
Hussein Obama = Emperor of the USA. Apparently. WHEN and HOW did those WIMPS in Congress allow this to happen???
Poor poor little dreg Lois. You are the living (unfortunately) and breathing (unfortunately) epitome of NO FACTS. All mouth….no facts. Typical liberal lunatic.
Your poor little dreg. With conservatives in charge, there are about 15 times FEWER poor people than with liberals, because real conservatives DO support corporations and DO support job-creators and DO support people working and paying their own way….unlike the vast Welfare LaLaLand of Lunatic Liberals (of which you are an oh-so-terribly-typical-and-uninspiring representative).
Typical Hollywood, typical celeb. LOVE those liberals, HATE those conservatives. She was once a talented singer -- but has nothing above the neck.
America ought to man up. Some idiot -- young or old, male or female, black or white -- wants to join ISIS or Al Qaeda -- let them. The very second they leave American soil -- revoke their passport, revoke their citizenship and never ever EVER let them back into this country again. But nooooo, the Muslim in the White House will ensure that never happens,
Agreed….but unfortunately, humility is a foreign word and emotional to most liberals.
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