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The Five Bailey Brothers of World War II

ARAinVT Wrote: May 26, 2014 7:32 AM
My Dad, John, and his four brothers also served in WWII. Dad, in the Army Air Corps, flew anti-submarine patrols in B-25s over the south Atlantic from Trinidad to Central Africa. James, Bill and George served in Europe. Dad wasn't discharged until 1948 because he contracted TB somewhere during his travels. Tommy, the eldest, was a radioman on the USS Bunker Hill in the Pacific Theater. On May 11, 1945, just three months before the Japanese surrender, the Bunker Hill was attacked by kamikazes severely crippling the ship and killing 346 men including my Uncle Tommy. He and the others are buried at sea off the coast of the Okinawa. Unfortunately, I didn't know Tommy as I was only a couple of months old when he enlisted.
The man the Democratic Party rejected numerous times and yet the President chose him as Veep. The first in a long line of off the wall, ridiculous choices by this President.
"Major review" is Democrat speak for major coverup and protect Prez O's backside!
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Least. Surprising. Headline. Ever.

ARAinVT Wrote: Aug 22, 2013 12:56 PM
I used to teach accounting and finance at the collegiate level. I had an economist friend who used to quip that God created weather forecasters to make economists look good. However, given the debate re so called "climate change" that is probably reversed today!
Shooter, unfortunately only too true! As a "flatlander" but 45 year resident of Vermont I have seen Vermont slide downhill at an accelerating rate but it is trying to make it even worse by heading toward a single payer health plan (will any doctors stay in the State?). With the legislature under the total control of the Democrats and teacher unions any light at the end of the tunnel is all but extinguished.
If anyone should apologize for Monday night's football game it should be Notre Dame for placing such a mediocre team on the field and all of the analysts, writers and coaches that bought the ND koolade and voted them #1.
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