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Trouble in Paradise: Unions Opt to Skip Democratic National Convention

April41 Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 8:30 PM
It would be really nice to see the Unions for America once more. It would be wonderful to see them bring jobs back from overseas. It would be fantastic to believe again that they really care about the people. It would be a miracle if they actually did something good for all of the people. Unions have become powerful and greedy. They no longer serve a useful purpose and have become nothing more than a political pawn or leech.

Convention season is nigh, but the Democrats’ gather won’t quite be the Greek-columned, overflowing-football-stadium fete they had in Denver last time around. No, Charlotte is looking to be much more subdued: a shorter party with fewer guests, in large measure due to a union hissy fit.

Indeed, the Dems have cut their party down from four days to three, and now, their BFF from 2008 has decided not to come. Rather than join in the fun with Obama and company, unions have instead thrown money at their own party in Philadelphia, on August 11. Contributions and even...