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Tragedy of Detroit Shows 'Big Unit America' Is out of Gas

AppraisHer Wrote: Jun 04, 2013 1:55 AM
Detroit is a microcosm of what the entire US is becoming. Parasites deciding who will run the city based on how much of somebody else's money they're promised. Logic dictates that once there are more takers than givers and goodies stop flowing, the animals take over the jungle and loot what they can, then flow out of the city into the 'Burbs where the real money is. Currently the US is poised at 51% givers and 49% takers, with more American takers being added daily (welfare babies). Once the imported parasites get their "amnesty" and there isn't any money left for them, the US as we knew it is over, and the real chaos and danger begins. They'll also be heading out of the cities and to where the money is. Anyone that still has something of value left will be a target. The Obama "hope and change" plan to breed hatred for the people that have paid for the parasites to flourish, tax workers into poverty and leave everyone but the ruling elite with nothing, is in motion. Add dictating muslims into the mix and you have the perfect storm of chaos, confusion and intimidation. Who would have thought America would go out without a whimper from the sheeple?