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Mr. President: Chuck Hagel!

AppraisHer Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 2:22 AM
Hagel isn't any better or worse than hundreds of mindless dolts this empty suit has put in control of our country. None of them have any experience doing anything but parroting the "America is the cause of all the world problems" meme. Their jobs, apparently are to just keep telling the narcissist that he's the smartest man in the room, er, world, um universe, while he looks in the mirror and preens. If you think you haven't seen the worst yet, wait for Barry's Supreme Court Justice picks...if you thought Sotomayor and Kagan were liberal, think again. Barry has nothing to lose.

Editor's Note: This column was coauthored by Bob Morrison.

Former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel’s nomination to be Secretary of Defense should be withdrawn now. He delivered what may be the worst performance at a confirmation hearing ever given. He was described as “confused,” “befuddled,” and “self contradicting.” One of Mr. Hagel’s own backers deplored the lack of “charisma” the nominee showed during the hearings.

Was this just a "Bad Hair Day"for Mr. Hagel?

“Hagel, who can be hilarious, didn’t show much of that today,” said Steve Clemons of the New America Foundation. Let the record show that never before has...