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Is The President Being Honest About The “Student Loan Crisis?”

AppraisHer Wrote: May 14, 2012 5:41 PM
If the lying POS told the students the truth, he would have said, "If I really cared about you, your high tuition or if you ever get a job out of these 4 years your parents skrimped and saved to pay for, I would have pushed for jobs. Instead I pushed for Obamacare and redistributed your money to banks, automakers and teachers unions, because their votes are important. Truth is I don't care about any of you, all I want is your vote, so Mich I can stay in this rock star lifestyle".

Is President Obama right about a looming student loan debt crisis?

It depends on how you define “crisis.” But there is a problem, and it is real.

What remains to be seen is whether or not the President – or anybody else, for that matter – is willing to face the real problem in higher education. Financing an education is not so much a problem, as is the stark reality that the cost of tuition consistently goes up, even when the price of other things declines.

It is a fact that over the last decade many “adjustable rate” student loans were...