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And Democrats lie, obviously, blatantly, consistently, religiously, pathologically. And voters notice this.
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Who Shut Down the Government?

AppraisHer Wrote: Oct 16, 2013 12:36 AM
As always, Dr Sowell is the voice of reason and flawless explanation. Boehner should read this at every presser and Sunday talk show, as a counter to all Barky, Reid and Pelosi lies. Sooner or later, it may sink in, even with RINOs.
If water's so important to the health of Americans, why is her mate selling off our water rights to China? Because they don't care about your health, just money and selling out America. This tasteless, classless, lying cretin is a cow...Moo!
Wow, goldilocks took a break from her "john" to comment. Scintillating retort, goldi. Now, get your head back down or you won't get paid.
And you are a little girl/boy, out of your element, you're a plastic Barbie/Ken Doll commenting on things you don't understand. Go text somebody and leave the adults alone.
"The first obstacle Levin faced was the widespread misconception that he is calling for a constitutional convention that could be hijacked by enemies of our founding principles and converted into a forum to hammer the final nails into our constitutional republic by fundamentally and radically changing our founding document". Too late, our constitutional republic has already been fundamentally and radically changed and our founding document both parties. The Founders wrote the most comprehensive, sacred document known to man, with all contingencies addressing the possible destruction of the Republic be it foreign or domestic...except for her own citizens being complacent enough to not care. Kudos to Mr Levin, he's starting to "wake the sleeping giant".
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MSNBC Has Full Deck of Race Cards

AppraisHer Wrote: Aug 24, 2013 8:20 PM
There's nobody at MSDNC that's playing with a full deck...they're imbeciles.
"Results don't matter, just our good intentions"...liberals. "And all your unsuccessful good intentions, cost other people money"...conservatives.
Perpetually immature, perpetual students stay perpetually outraged, because without it they have no reason for being. Nothing more childish or churlish than academics...they never grow up or make sense.
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Inclusion Means Excluding White Males

AppraisHer Wrote: Aug 23, 2013 11:05 PM
And the era of SLCNG has started. That's Stupid Liberal Cows Named Goldi. Do you have any idea how incredibly stupid and boring your comments are? Save your fingers...stop typing.
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Two Americas

AppraisHer Wrote: Aug 23, 2013 10:48 PM
Those that pay attention know there used to be one America. But that was before it became more politically expedient to divided us into factions. We don't live in a fairy tale, like you do.
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