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What you're seeing is a mentally unstable, narcissistic sociopath losing control of his power and doubling down to punish anyone that has the audacity to disagree with him. He will become more unstable and more treacherous as America wakes up to his sickness. This is no longer ideology, this is mental illness and an unbridled hatred of all things American, leftists included. Hussein's intentional policies or "benign neglect" caused this burning, divided, murderous, out of control world...THIS is his legacy.
The Indonesian Dog Eater didn't realize we still had Immigration Agents at the border. I'm sure he'll apologize to Mexico as soon as he gets back from his latest fundraiser.
"And February’s reports look positively balmy now in comparison."..soon to also be revised down. We are a nation of idiots eager to hear anything but the truth, the accepted "new normal" meme in full bloom. Heads up to all of you clueless punk kids out there that think the Dog Eater is the cool hip hop Jesus, sent to you from R&B heaven: None of this is normal, none of this has to be this way, none of this is good for anybody at any time. Dog Eater and his marxist cohorts are intentionally ruining the economy, to guarantee that the successful America that was, won't be there for you. Why?? Because what you refuse to see is the fundamental change he promised you is actually the destruction of your future. This isn't a president that loves America and wants her and you to prosper, this is a puppet, propped up and surrounded by American haters that couldn't destroy us with war, but will destroy us from within...all with your help.
The left doesn't care about income inequality or women's rights, or blacks, or latinos or homosexuals or anybody else for that matter. The left just breaks everyone down into groups, under the guise of "diversity/multiculturalism" and creates grievances that keeps us at each others throats, to distract from the fact that they're screwing us. The left has no soul, so they care about no one...just the agenda and the money.
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Fact-Free Liberals: Part III

AppraisHer Wrote: Jan 25, 2014 11:05 PM
"Without some idea of what a person or a program is trying to do, there is no way to know whether what actually happened represented a success or a failure". In this one sentence, Dr Sowell sums up all democrat "programs". The "War on Poverty" was actually LBJ's war on RFK to garner enough votes to wrestle power back from a hated Kennedy, after being neutered by JFK as his VP. "The War on Women" is a ploy to convince women that Republicans think they're too stupid to make their own decisions, but vote democrat and you won't have to worry about it, we'll make those decision for you...and pay for your birth control. See a pattern here? No caring, no philanthropy, no success or failure, just fooling a gullible public into believing they care. Slogans for Votes. It's what dems do best.
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Fact-Free Liberals: Part IV

AppraisHer Wrote: Jan 25, 2014 10:44 PM
I'll take a crack at that, even though a real conservative would know the difference. One is a personal attack. Liberals are children, they love personal attacks. The other is a policy attack, nothing personal against HER, just her policy. Example: If Pelosi were Republican, liberals would accused her of being a stupid, hypocritical, blithering, Botoxed hag...with malignant intent. See the difference?
If the purpose of BarryCare was to provide "healthcare" for the uninsured or uninsurable, then why were regulations put in place that destroyed "healthcare" for those who already had it? Notice I said "healthcare" not insurance. The purpose of BarryCare was to force everyone but unions and the very wealthy off of their "healthcare" and into single payer "insurance", where the young and healthy, pay for the old and sick. Don't think for a minute that Dog Eater cares about your health...or anything else for that matter. This is a ruse of selling unaffordable "insurance" with high deductibles and co-pays, to the stupid masses to move their money around...not "healthcare". You'll be paying thousands out of your pocket before your "insurance" kicks in. Redistribution meet reparations.
"Perhaps a compromise can be worked out. Why not give poor people a choice? They can stay within the rat maze of the current welfare state, or they can cash out. *snip* 100 million Americans receive aid from the government at an average cost of $9,000 per recipient. Surely some of them are equipped to spend that money better than the government. *snip* Why not give them a shot at proving it"? I agree. Eliminate the War On Drugs, then give each parasite $9000...thin the herd.
If it involves money and power, none can be trusted...there are no statesmen left.
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The Myth Of JFK

AppraisHer Wrote: Nov 23, 2013 12:41 AM
"What I don’t get is how the Kennedy assassination seems to have affected those who were alive for it more than the events of that awful September day". America was much more innocent then. Murder, rape, armed assault? "What's that"? "A home burglar alarm? Are you crazy? I don't even lock my car". Hundreds of people running into a store and stripping it bare? "Aren't they afraid of being arrested"? People being paid to sit home and have babies"? "Are you nuts"? Too bad schools only teach perfunctory history now...you know, white man bad, black man good, otherwise you'd have a better understanding of the times back then. People had pride.
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