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Obumbo's "divide and conquer" card is getting pretty worn out but its all he has left to play.
Its what's for dinner at the WH...
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The New Great Deal Society Party

Aposematic Wrote: May 14, 2012 12:32 PM
Agree...for whatever excuse (media praise) the GOP pretends for their joining leftists by "compromising" on "BIG Gov. programs increasing spending", it is just more deception and lies for more corrupt power coming from both sides of the isle.
Pretty much all "environmental whoopty do" not local will do more harm than good. Same for most "Big Gov." mandates such as in education... One size fits all only fits those of a certain size.
Pelosi's Catholic Religion: Do all the evil you want Monday thru Saturday...confess Sunday and get a fresh start on more evil come Monday...repeat as often as you like...
Apparently Reid thinks that the next 7 months of dictatorial Senate rule will be enough since they can reverse the change after loosing the election in Nov. before the new R Senate takes over.
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