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America is now ruled by corrupt politicians and MSm/Press supporting a Government gone rogue.
Another one of Satan's "angels" coming to Virginia!
The adultery by both involved may not; but the timing absolutely does!
Trying to assess why honesty can't beat corruption/fraud...typical GOP fantasy continues.
The real question is whether the Middle Class, as currently described by the IRS, will even exist in 2016.
I agree with the R's standing aside. I am so very tired of the R's helping the D's destroy the Republic.
The stealing of America's wealth is as we speak being put on steroids. We will all be South Side Chicago dependents soon.
Obuma thought the MSM/Press would save him for the Billionth time since he moved to Chicago and became the great Marxist hope and declare him the debate winner. Obuma also thought the stupid American people would just nod in agreement... Is Obuma really Odumba?
Democrats hate diversity; especially diverse thinking! Democrats must have everyone on the plantation of brainwashed useful idiots thinking exactly the same so they can easily manage and manipulate them.
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Romney Sources: Condi for VP

Aposematic Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 8:58 AM
Drudge is sucking on his big gulp way to fast...
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