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Welcome to VA NC...the land of the traitors to America thanks to the North's infusion/invasion/anti-Constitutional carpetbaggers...thanks to Lincoln's treachery...period.. Same for many Southern welcoming of the North's Carpetbagger States...Georgia is next since Florida is teetering on treason as I speak.
Ever wonder why there is never, most of the time, more than a few comments posted here...Townhall blocks them all. Run from this RINO site ASAP if you dare want to save the US Constitution.
This site sucks big time with comment posts. Anything patriotic never gets through!
Evil has taken over all three Branches of our former Constitutional Government... Let Godzilla enforce the Laws as no Politician or Judge deems themselves worthy of our Constitution.
Townhall is the most pathetic GOP site ...might as well be MSM/Press. Talking to you Townhall RINOS..,.period!
Why is my comment not being posted? Talking to you townhall!
The only real question remaining is why the GOP has not sued or initiated Impeachment for the Obuma Admin.'s treason to the US Constitution, other egregious felonies of existing Law, and other egregious misdemeanors.
America is now ruled by corrupt politicians and MSm/Press supporting a Government gone rogue.
Another one of Satan's "angels" coming to Virginia!
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