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Economic Truth is In the Numbers

Apollo2 Wrote: Jun 06, 2012 10:13 PM
The reason that I called Medved a liar is that he constantly talks about supporting smaller government but always backs the Republican who wants to make government bigger. He supported George Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney all of whom are big government types. He has consistently attacked Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. He even expressed admiration for Rick Santorum who has denounced the Tea Party for it's pro individual liberty tendencies. Santorum has stated on more than one occasion that the problem with America is that too many people are "pursuing their own happiness".

The outcome of the upcoming electoral battle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will depend on public perceptions of the president’s economic stewardship, with particular emphasis on his performance on the all-important issue of jobs.

Has the White House compiled an impressive record of “putting Americans back to work” as the Democrats proudly boast, or did administration policies actually delay normal processes of recovery, taking a bad situation and “making it worse” as the Romney campaign insists?

Leaving aside the dubious nature of the proposition that any president actually creates jobs (other than new hires for the White House), there’s...