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There is a cost to protecting individuals and property. Spend too little on protection (police, courts etc) and more rights will be violated because the perpetrators are not stopped. Since freedom and productivity correlate, the moral argument that freedom must be maximized will occur at some point and that point presumably occurs at the peak of the Rahn curve. I think Dan is wrong about the 10% point, it's too high. As government is cut back to its proper purpose its efficiency will improve.
If you listen to Republicans you hear "Cut Spending". If you watch Republican you see more and more spending.
Nominate candidates that can win? Does Barone mean candidates like Romney who Barone thought was a shoe-in? Barone lives in the past. The present belongs to Nate Silver and scientific analysis, not wishful thinking, crystal balls and hand waving.
It's pretty obvious that O'Reilly surrounds himself with toads and "Yes men". If he didn't someone would have pointed out to him what constitutes an fully automatic vs a semi-automatic weapon. They also would have explained that you can't buy machine guns without a special permit. O'Reilly is just a big guy who's used to being able to bully people with his size. Next time he pokes a guest with his finger I hope the guest breaks that finger.
That's the best description of O'Reilly that I've ever read.
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Atheist Attacks on Christmas

Apollo2 Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 11:58 AM
I'm an atheist and I think that Dickens' classic is one of the most beautiful stories ever written about redemption and renewal, but it has nothing to do with Christ the Redeemer. "Ben-Hur" is a story of Christian redemption. "A Christmas Carol" is not.
"The storm brought in possibilities for good politics." What's a hundred deaths if it helped re-elect Obama? After all, ObamaCare will kill many times that amount.
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Powerful New Ad: Silence

Apollo2 Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 11:56 PM
Anyone who's ever been unemployed and had a family to feed knows that dinner table. Maybe you joked and pretended that things were OK for the kids, but that is what you were feeling underneath. That ad is a masterpiece. It's in the same league with Dorothea Lange's "Migrant mother" photograph from the Great Depression.
"...in what world would someone with his voting record on spending be considered "conservative"? " In the world of the "Two, but really one, party system" Ryan's record is as you stated. He's good Republican i.e. he talks one game and plays another.
Sorry Mike, I accidentally "Flagged" your comment as offensive. It's not offensive, it's just incorrect.
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