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Community Organizer Goes to War

aplourde Wrote: Sep 05, 2013 2:38 AM
goldilocks and earl b are clueless not talking about the issue discussed all posts flagged.
goldilocks Wrote: Sep 05, 2013 5:36 AM
apl, then give me a clue!

You just falsely assume that non conservative like me understand conservatism.
annfan_777 Wrote: Sep 05, 2013 5:57 AM
Flag this moronic wierdo.

He spends 90% of this time here posting inane comments about what constitutes a conservative or what constitutes a liberal.

Then he makes literally INSANE comments like the one above where he claims he "doesn't understand" conservatism.

Again, flag this useless piece of excrement and MOVE ON.
goldilocks Wrote: Sep 05, 2013 6:03 AM
You are foolish to offend people who agree with conservatives.

When I do agree with conservatives, you give me no credit.

You are a reactionary and conservative in name only.