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my bad what is he going to do.
Oh, what is going to do? Have Holder file a law suit? lol.
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CBS Anchorman's Clueless Apology

aplourde Wrote: Aug 23, 2013 3:09 PM
Uh, republican party didn't exist in 1800.
i have not seen this in msm yet.
Well thier parents will have a harsh wake up call. Thier children will still be at home and thier grandchildren they will have to take care of. Karma sucks doesn't it?
Hoover has it occured to you that global warming hysteria is caused by Al Gore to make millions on your gullibility? Come on man use your brain. Unless this a spamming troll I am replying to disregard.
stop the spam i know this is a virus to mess up this site.
libs want you think they do. however, you will not understand how you think. If you cannot thin like them you are evil. Last Democratictic Regime remember Ruby Ridge?
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