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Obama: The Fetus Is "A Potential Life" But Viability Is A "Moving Target"

apilgrim Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 10:45 AM
Sounds more like he's "devolved" on this issue..he's making us pay for abortions, taking the taxes we've paid for gov, giving hundreds of thousands to Planned Parenthood who've been killing women and preborn babies for decades.

A new video has surfaced and The Brody File has the exclusive of State Senator, Barack Obama back in Sept. 8, 2004, talking about how the human fetus is a “potential life.” (As opposed to an actual life.)

He also goes on to say that the viability of that “potential life” is a “moving target.” He made these comments at a small business event in Springfield, Ill.

I wonder if Barack was unmoved when he "punished" Michelle with a baby because there was, after all, only a "potential life" living inside of her.