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Is Gay Marriage a Threat to Freedom?

apilgrim Wrote: Jun 30, 2013 6:04 PM
Little boys and girls need daddy's and mommies. This is the ideal. They aren't pets. Your conclusions are based on poor reasoning and bad statistics.
You're right. In fact those in charge love to blather on and on about what they did to show leadership. Hilary, on the other hand, is doing what she does. She yells at people who were doing their job, not hers. She declares she is the offended one, she is not responsible in the least. Just look at a couple of audio/videos of Margaret Thatcher speaking in reply to those who question her decisions. Then look at this again. One is a leader, one is the best example of a bona fide phony balony.
Oh! "womens rights"? Killing their own children at their most vulnerable age...is what's "good about the party"? Evil in moderation is no less evil than evil done by a mass murderer. It's good we have so many conservatives in Congress.
What do you mean by "improve"? Christians have improved the lives of humanity since time one. Christians built hospitals and schools. They invented marvelous things to make life better for mankind. They work hard. They love and help those who cannot work. They thank God for the bountiful blessings He showers on them and their families. They worship God and seek ways to be better at returning His love. Christians are the least passive people on earth. They die for love of God and neighbor. Jaxxie, you need to look at who you describe as Christian. You are mistaken.
God does bless the unbeliever with rain and sunshine. Why do you think He doesn't? We all benefit from rain. We all benefit from sunshine. God loves us all. The presence of rain and sunshine is evidence of the presence of our loving Father.
What do you mean "work"? The most important work on earth is to protect the innocent unborn babies being killed because someone thinks they are not necessary in their world. The important work on earth includes lifting up our brother who has fallen, has no hope, nothing. That happens to be God's work, to love our neighbor as God has taught us to. To know God is to come to the fullness of the truth. The fullness of truth brings joy to all people. And the reward for welcoming Jesus, who is God, is life everlasting where the souce of that joy is. And there are devils. They don't want anyone to be truly happy, they hate you and will destroy you and anyone else they can convince that God does not exist. God loves you Batjack21.
They oughta have a cartoon offering the Ambassador's job to Obama's beloved followers on the news/internet with all the perks that go along with it..."don't worry, the small security detail use only rubber bullets, intertainment nightly includes fireworks" etc,
Yes, though some don't understand they are yet. Just check out the testimony of women who've had abortions and have had an epiphany, realizing the truth and horrified. They all need our prayers whether they came to accept the truth or not.
Sounds more like he's "devolved" on this issue..he's making us pay for abortions, taking the taxes we've paid for gov, giving hundreds of thousands to Planned Parenthood who've been killing women and preborn babies for decades.
No, Ryan is not the nut. Roe v Wade was decided in court. The woman, Norma McCorvey, who's case was heard claimed she was gang raped, and she was poor. She was not gang raped. She lied and has admitted it, and is ashamed she did. the Doctor who was involved in the case, Bernard Nathanson also lied. He lied about the numbers of women who supposedly died from back alley abortions. He had a complete change of heart and left the abortion business to help change the consequences of his actions. We are and were a pro-life nation. This horrific business was not made law by the people but only a group of bitter people who hated something good about us. They took Norma's case to the Supreme Court and the Court made the law. We will change the law.
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