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The Limits of Liberal "Tolerance"

apesimist Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 12:02 PM
your list is WAAAAY to short... War on Poverty Unions can do better for you than you can I am a proffessor that wrote that book...damn straight your getting an F you didn't agree with me Racism is a rampant now as it was a 100 years ago..."at least for black america"? It is ok to judge based on race if WE DO an eastern college lowers the requirements for blacks while elevating those for asian and caucasion EVERY culture matters....EXCEPT WHITE culture...hmmmm...really what is white culutre...Polish, Itialin, German, Ukrain, etc etc etc...your culture does not count...= not brown. on and on and on.......they do not have one cognitive thought that can be extened to logical conclusion before it comes off the rails due to HYPCRAC

Hey, it was A-OK for the National Endowment for the Arts to fund the infamous Andres Serrano "Piss Christ."  Submerging a representation of the Messiah in a jar of excrement and then taking a picture of it is "art," and museums have an obligation to "challenge the public," you see.

But don't dare even think about placing a representation of the Obamessiah in a jar of beer, calling to mind that famous piece of "art" -- because then guys like Michael Moore will get all "wee wee'd up" (in the President's memorable formulation in another context).  Avert your eyes,...