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CIAO my friends, it is late and I must get some sleep. I will return tomorrow.
I can believe that you are, he is trying to destroy your country.
usmcpgw Wrote: 11 minutes ago (4:46 PM) if you are buying...... then I want a ribeye grilled over mesquite with a golden Idaho tater and asparagus steamed with butter OK, just let me know when your flight will be here. And just to save you time, Malpensa is the main airport serving Lombardy/Milan.
Even in here in Italy ONLY the Commander In Chief of our armed forces can make such a call as to stand down. No matter who actually relays it to the troops IT HAS TO COME from the very top of the food chain, that being your president.
Didn't you read LW's threat? I'll be there in August, but only for a visit.
BTW, Milano is where I am, not my last name.
Who's selling what? If it's food I'm buying.
WELLL, we did tell him that. But he's a worthless POS so who cares about him.
I'm right here, I was being evil and signed into my cousin's account just to see if I still could. Dark5 is sucking up to Obama, as usual.
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