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Soon it will be done at gunpoint , as all government edicts are
I'll be voting libertarian from now on .
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NPR Shills for Socialism

Capt Call rides again Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 8:41 AM
Using that standard , Cockroaches are impressive
I've tried to watch it , but it is just boring . I love sports Track and field , Basketball , football , baseball ect... but Soccer is just boring Sorry guys but thats my opinion .I think the players are good athletes very skilled and fit but it is just flat out a non event for me
Watching soccer is about as much fun as watching the beans boil over .
Herald of stupidity , Why do you insist on forcing acceptance of deviant behavior ? It makes a mockery of The Church . I don't think you anything about christianity
I think he is a Bigot and a Liar
Gay marriage is an assault on Christianity .Marriage symbolizes the relationship between the Church (believers) and Christ,Gay marriage is mockery and Christian churchs shouldn't be forced to marry gays . The First Amendment speaks to this .
You could say in eyes of God this is an abomination in the eyes of the state you are now a couple . Legal but far from moral
This is a violation of his freedom of association . His mistake was being truthful and not just saying he was booked .
True enough it's a fact that lesbians are not primarily interested in anal sex like gay guys are ,you know the guys that launched the aids epidemic
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