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Romney Hits Obama Camp Over Discredited Attacks, AP Oddly Silent on Facts

Antnys Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 12:07 AM
The folks most likely to swallow these lies because they are too lazy to fact check, are likely also the folks who will be too lazy to get out and vote in November. If O-blah-blah spends all his campaign cash on lies like this - that are provably false to reasonable people seeking answers - he will lose. Romney's responses must be made more swiftly and forcefully, however.

As well he should.  Independent fact-checkers have rendered multiple verdicts on the subjects of Bain, Romney and outsourcing, and Obama keeps lying, unfazed.  As Chicago unleashes yet another negative ad premised on repeatedly discredited claims, Boston is firing back with a new spot of its own:

This isn't a bad offering, but I think it only grazes the critical point: Obama's ads aren't just relentlessly negative -- they're knowingly and...