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No, he was going with his girlfriend..... She probably thought her hair might get wet though, and convinced him to drop his Tampa plans. It's well known white guys are WHIPPED beyond comprehension,
I don't know where this came from but I can imagine. The diseased minds of impotent old white men. The most fetid and poisonous place, indeed.
Because SO many black transgenders are interested in politics.....
IQ 191
Drop dead.
We will be coming for YOU....sooner or later.
Yes, but I take this issue seriously.... Not because I like abortion....but because FORCED pregnancy and birth is absolute gender slavery.
No, the guy I was supposed to get a ride with decided not to go when there was confusion this weekend about the hurricaine & whether the convention would be canceled. With no ride I couldnt go....I cant afford a last minute plane ticket...well I could, but it's not the same.
Fantasy and science fiction. None of that ever happened. Progressives are the ones who care about people
I lost my ride and I hate hurricaines.
Another cowardly white doughboy
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