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I have known many, in high school, in college and in progressive local political activism.
I converted already....but I didn't mean it and so I consider the whole thing a massive joke. Religion is for fools and simpletons. I need no crutch. Only my reason and my intellect. Poor dimwits like Hazem are barely smarter than dogs.
Links please. I'm willing to bet this never happened.
The cogent point here is that I didn't REALLY believe any of that Islamic nonsense.
I've met precious few....with serious girlfriends....who aren't. Even my ape of a brother is happy to attach himself to a maniacal blond shrew who wouldn't look out of place in an SS uniform.
haha You couldn't get accepted at Cornell to mop the floors.
Well Obama still has more followers than Romney EVER will.
I'm sure someone like yourself will always find a way to get yourself shot....
Every scumbag GOP can breathe a sigh of relief........for now. But I may STILL attend a protest in Michigan
When does your SUBhuman life end?
No, he was going with his girlfriend..... She probably thought her hair might get wet though, and convinced him to drop his Tampa plans. It's well known white guys are WHIPPED beyond comprehension,
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