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Anyway Ive got to go...I promised Deandre I would listen to his new track and give my opinion.
Maragaret Sanger has been dead for 100 years. Give it a REST.
Yeah sure. I would marry a conservative guy, off him and then enjoy his bank account. (just kidding)
Star Parker is, or was, an abortion enthusiast. She claims to have had SEVERAL. Her words, not mine.......
Hazem has been out for a month almost. He has a new "woman" (I did some snooping) and I hope she realizes what she's getting into.
In Devil Dogs case of getting shot, I wont blame anyone. I'll buy the first round of drinks.....
Who cares? It's all water under the bridge now. I foolishly thought H was worth it, but even someone with my talents couldn't pull off a "Dr Doolittle" with that lump of arab clay.
Yeah, the day you are disarmed forcibly.
The vast majority of single women support Barack Obama. The clear majority of women in genral support him as well. He has our back.
I have known many, in high school, in college and in progressive local political activism.
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