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That's if there isn't some "contrived" crisis situation. Otherwise, you're absolutely correct. These left-wing environmentalists need to be tried and convicted for anarchy, and left to live in the woods in the "environment" they love so much without their computers, Ipads, fireplaces, wood stoves, jet planes, SUVs, sleeping bags, and the Priuses they drive in order to "look" PC. Short of that, let them live there without a pack of matches to build a fire, but give them all a handgun so they can shoot each other when one of the "more lazier" ones steals another's hand-picked wild berries.
Obama is our modern-day King Canute. Full of himself to stem the tides of everything most people view as normal, as long as Valerie Jarrett and Maurice Strong say "It's OK, Barry." The sad part is this idiot is the "leader" of the free world. Are Americans really that stupid?
Just like the NYPD did to DeBlasio when he spoke at the funerals of those he dissed to his kid.
Hillary and Billary have never felt any pain in their storied, phony careers, and especially after her and her handmaid left the White House "broke." The most pain she's probably ever experienced were from those nights in bed with Janet Reno. No wonder Billary is always on the lookout for his next Monica.
The only "grease" this clown is looking for is some KY jelly that he can share with his husband, Reggie Love.
You are absolutely correct. He knows exactly what he's doing, but only when his ideological mommy tells him what to think, when she's not busy flying back to her home country (Iran) making secret deals. It's no wonder she demanded secret cervix protection if she was going to stay on as Obama's mommy.
Hope you're right. Our national nightmare will be gone in 2016 if he and his left-wing henchmen aren't afforded the opportunity to stir up a few of the loser segments of American society, thereby "forcing" him to implement Martial Law, and suspend all elections.
They're not American produced, DTL. They're idiological descendants of Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx, Vernon Jordan or Valerie Jarrett. Take your pick, and pick your poison. What they all have in common is their insatiable desire for the destruction of America through "reparations" to the third world.
You are correct, psydoc. American contractors (and subcontractors, whether union or non-union) always look to buy American first, since American-produced steel piping is second to none (as are most other American-produced products).
Since they changed the rules, make them play by them. Dirty politics, I know. What goes around comes around.
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