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America Belongs To Easter

AntiocusIV Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 12:49 PM
"They sought freedom from political tyranny and religious persecution. Apparently they felt the latter desire so pressing, many were willing to die for the remote opportunity to worship God in their own personal ways" that is a common misconception about the pilgrims, they didnt flee because of religous hate and the desire for freedom, they fled because they felt england wasnt extreme or calvinist enough
"As Americans, we should take these words to heart because in the last two decades we have lost vast portions of our own rights of religious freedom and it’s a slippery slope we may not be able to recover from." nice persecution complex! just because christians dont have as many laws that favour them doesnt equal persecution
Obama unfavourable towards Israel? well if giving 3 billion dollars in aid every year is unfavourable i dont know what favourable is!
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