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non-belief =/= belief
also most of those southern states all voted republican! like Alabama and Mississippi who ask for quite a lot of welfare , and over 90% blacks voted for obama....so logically its the white folks who are receving welfare there..(since of they had black majority they wouldn't have voted republican)
who ever said i am white what white guy uses a name like Antiocus??
pontus pilate was not an athiest he believed in Jupiter Bad Thief was probably a jew so fallacious argument
no true love is to help someone even when they resist you not laying down your life, for God does not just "die" and dying for others is a waste of life anyways
clap clap clap
well people have claimed that i am crazy
you do realise that those chrisitans believed very differently from today's christians right? they where bascially catholics with less gold and pointy hats, they believed that you had to do good deeds to go to heaven, and that their bishops had magic powers to forgive sins.. and they also went out of their way to get perscuted, like in an inciedent in 113 Ad where a mob of Christians insulted the emperor and the god Jupiter on purpose to get arrested and martyred in Asia province of the Roman Empire...but the pro-consul to deny them their fun just told them there was plenty of rope to hang themselves and plenty of cliffs to jump off of
same with lee strobel mcdowell is just another pretend athiest
he was most likely not an athiest, he probably just lie to get more attention
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