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The Main Event

anti-neocon Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 2:55 PM
i don't agree with johnson on evertything, but at least johnson is not a big government statist like both the major parties offer. i would definately vote for johnson before i'd vote for the big government chameleon who seems not to have a clue what the constitution is all about.
Mitt Romney's main advantage in his first debate with President Obama on Wednesday may be that the president will be speaking without a teleprompter. His second advantage is the president's record and how he has failed to fulfill many of his promises.

While the president will probably recycle his class warfare themes, Romney should focus on the president's domestic failures and on Republican initiatives that have worked in the past. We Americans didn't just crawl out of a cave. There is history.

He might start with what has happened since the 2010 election, which elected 17 Republican governors. According...