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A New America Or a Mediocre Candidate?

anti-neocon Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 10:31 AM
as a strict constitutionalist, anti-war conservative, christian, and ron paul supporter, i certainly did find chameleon romney very distasteful. furthermore, i can't stand hypocrites, frauds, and flip floppers who change their rhetoric for every new audience or demographic.

The Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are now galloping along in full-throated triumphalist mode, which, of course, is their right given the results of the November 6th elections. Despite the efforts of some GOP operatives to accentuate the positives of this election, such as the victories of Republican gubernatorial candidates in various states, it certainly wasn’t a win for the Grand Old Party. Last week many mainstream media scribes took their turns at “interpreting’ the meaning of the election, most of them barely concealing their glee.

Eugene Robinson, the newest Washington Post columnist addressed this question in...