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This lap dog won't lick the hand of his master, much less bite it!
To much botox to the face and head area. TH please stop putting trailer park trash like this on please. Just leave a blank spot and allow us to just guess at the senseless individual behind the curtain.
CNN's instant polling among Americans who watched Tuesday's State of the Union found an overwhelming majority reacting positively to President Barack Obama's address, as it has four times previously during his presidency. I wonder when the Water Walker is going to come to terms and understand that a snowball has a better chance turning to gold in the pitts of Hades, than he does at going it along on anything. Good luck with that ink. Just a waste of a good pen.
With all the Whine, the price of cheese will skyrocket.
Looks like a hyiena that just found a carcus.
The other 38% are welfare, socialistic leeches that need to face the hard cold truth that their days sucking from the non-Lazy, non-Good for nothing, hard working Americans that truly love and belong to this country are about to end. Well in 3 years that is.
Just another turd in the punch bowl screaming "pick me."
That is a good point. I'm torn on this subject. My Christian beliefs say that we all have a purpose, but the sins of man is at choice.
I know that one thing is clear, that many of those aborted, saved the lives of many people. Their up bringing and life styles of the parents, if that is what they are called, would likely have led to more conficts in the future. My opinion is if one ofr the other is wanting to take responisiblity then maybe not. But for the millions of dead beat, drug addicts, and just completely criminalized, I say thank you for doing something right. Thing is if you have 2 or more abortions, they should be steralized. Fathers too.
This plan is doing excatly what it was supposed to do. Not one liberal rat thought any different. This health care was design to fail, so the implementation of socialist health care could fall right into place. Welcome to the day where freedom was lost to a cheering crowd of idiots and leeches.
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