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60000 a year vrs .15cents. Its all about politics
Follow the money. This guy is as crooked as one can get without having a broke back.
Give each of them a bat, and let the best man win. Who cares about these individuals? They haven't done anything to honor their father but continue to leech off of his name. Just because their dad was symbolic doesn't make them symbolic, it makes them look just like the turds in the WH screaming "where's mine!"
I still find it hard to believe that people voted for this turd in the punch bowl.
You need this as proof? I thought by passing the ACA was enough proof to warrant a finding of Treason.
Please send the school's name and number
This old nag has done way to much LSD in the 60s.
I wonder if shes to old to abort. The left says before they leave the womb, but couldn't they make an exception to their own ignorance and put the old hag down. I'm sure there's a glue factory somewhere that could use those holves for jello or something.
Fire everyone who had or has any input on this treasonous bill. Secure the border with the men and women who are stationed in Germany, Japan, and Korea. Find and remove any and all illegals that has an arrest record first. Give all visa holders a 2 week turn in approach to leave. You can't send them all back, so for those who have families here who has been here for 15 years or more and can prove that, allow them an opportunity to apply. If they don't meet the requirements deport them. Amend the 14th Amendment to prevent anchor babies.
This lap dog won't lick the hand of his master, much less bite it!
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